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  1. Yep i know but they do not sell outside the usa. To bad for me I tryed some salvageyards but they didn't have them. Thanks John
  2. Thanks Bill, I will take a look at you photobucket and thanks for the info you are a great help. The back end has had a ruff life but i'm happy to see that it on the right track. I have a idea with the handles off the tailgate (not liftgate) If they are the same and the costs are allright can you have them casted by someone near you? O'brien truckers does a lot off that stuff. Let me know what you thoughts are on this please. John
  3. Thanks Bill, I will take a look at you photobucket and thanks for the info you are a great help. John
  4. Has anyone pictures of the resauration of there tinwoody's. What size of piano hinge was used for the tailgate and how was it attaced to the car. what, were and how with the rubber on the tailgate. Who sells the handles and arms for the lower parts off the tailgate. Thanks John
  5. yep i did and thanks i was a bit to quick with the reply
  6. now i don't think i'm going for that i will have it oldfasioned painted on, but thanks anyway.
  7. both of you thank you now i have a base to work with
  8. Hello I've got a 1954 chevrolet tin woody i want to know what type of wood they ten imatated on these cars or what type of wood is commonly used on real woodys. John
  9. thanks for all the information, go and look if i can find them over here.
  10. Tanks for the information you woudn't any pic of the woodgrain and colors. John
  11. Who can help me with some information on 1954 fauxs/ tin woody woodgrain color and desine where and how much was originaly woodgrain ( inside of doors and window frames as wel?). And is the rear tailgate connected to the car at the bottom with a hinge(piano type?) Andy info you can help me with to restore it would be greatly appriciated. John
  12. He Rob, just put a request on the dutch buick club web site to do just that try a other late '50 buick. trying a couple of caprice rims on the car tomorrow to see if that will work. Thanks and the car is already a kustom