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  1. Thanks to all that have sent information. Great help!
  2. I need a couple of items or a good place that sells parts. I need the two front brake cylinders for the front wheels. Still looking for door handles inside and out and window cranks. 35 two door Thanks
  3. Not sure or your location but live in Ca. What is the price and shipping. Thanks for the email. Jerry
  4. I have no handles at all on the inside and outside. I do have one door hardware the goes inside the door. So I'll also need another one. It's a 2 door deluxe model. Thanks for the fast reply I'm new on this site and have a long way to go to fix this plymouth. I do have all of the window hardware but no handles for that. Thanks again
  5. Want to buy inside door and window handlesand outside door handles. 1935 plymouth 2 door.