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  1. The partition window on my 64 cadillac limo has a big crack in it and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. Does anybody know if it was the same part for other years? Maybe someone knows where one is being parted out? Keep your eyes open for me! Too bad it's not flat glass.:eek:
  2. So with the timing cover off the timing marks lined up and the #1 piston was at TDC. That should have been the compression stroke right? WRONG!!! I was 180 degrees out the whole time! The guy I bought it from sold it to me for 800 bucks because of the timing! I rotated the engine by hand today while watching the rockers and the rotor and figured it out instantly. As soon as I touched the key it ROARED to life! Thanks for your help!
  3. I finished the battery cables up today and it cranks crazy good. I pulled the valve cover and watched the rockers all move just like they should. It still won't start. My new theory is that a small animal made a nice little nest in the exhaust system and it's completely blocked. I pressed my palm against the end of the exhaust pipe while my wife cranked the car and I felt NOTHING.
  4. I tried gas and starting fluid directly into the primaries, also I primed the fuel system with a vacuum pump and verified fuel pump function prior to attempting ignition. The carburetor is a fresh rebuild from a trusted local shop. It definately has air and fuel.
  5. I actually pulled the timing cover and verified the timing marks. They were good and the chain looked about a week old. I havn't found any big vacuum leaks but I like the idea; there are a thousand vacuum lines and a leak could be easily overlooked. Thanks. I didn't get a chance to pull the valve covers today and check for stuck or non operational valves because I was busy installing a new starter and 1-0 battery cables. It cranks sluggishly and these should take care of that.
  6. The guy that sold me the car said he had air, spark, fuel and compression but couldn't get the harmonic balancer off to check the cam timing. I verified the timing marks, reassembled and it won't start. I have air/fuel for sure compression is good, spark is strong to the (new) sparkplugs. I double and triple checked the ignition timing and firing order. I've put together a hundred of these and I'm at a loss. Maybe a bunch of push rods are bent? The cam snapped in the middle? I doubt it but I'll pull the valve covers tomorrow and verify. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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