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  1. I have been away checking here very seldom. Been on the road moving cars across country. What is going on with your knees? i also tore the Meniscus in my left knee. Know my right knee is giving me problems. I guess all the years from jumping out of airplanes, tow trucks, car haulers and being a mechanic. Doc says knee replacement. I'm looking into Stem Cell procedure. Still driving the truck but being very careful not to make sudden moves. I will be following your progress with your knees and car. If I can, I'm going to be on the road for another 2 years then look into what action to take with my knees. Then ill deal with that issue and will be doing a restoration on our 34 dodge tow truck and working on buying a 39 Ply 4 dr convertible that really does not need restoration. Its a beautiful CA rust free car that has never been messed with.










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  2. 1 hour ago, dodgebrother said:

    Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers Engine, full water jacket, 218 cid, 23" head.

    Either complete engine or just the block.

    Great is you are in PNW.


    I'm sure that I have one. Will not be in town till Oct.

    Shop is in Sonora CA. 95327


  3. 6 minutes ago, Lebowski said:


    Thanks for the info and great pics. We have a couple of things in common. I got my license in '68 too and my first car was a dark blue '65 Impala. Unfortunately mine had a 6 and 3 on the tree. My dad knew I had a heavy foot and he said you can have a car with a 6 or you can walk. Less than a year later my license was suspended for 2 months because of too many tickets.... :D


    Also, I have a brother who lives near you in Groveland...

    WOW!! how cool!! Thanks for the share.

  4. 12 hours ago, countrytravler said:


    I have a 1930 DC 8 with many spare part. I'm in CA. I can deliver to FL since I haul cars for a living. Need a email to send about 50 plus pictures. These cars are beautiful when done. I would deliver the package for 5k.





    1111 (1).jpg

    1111 (2).jpg

    1111 (3).jpg

    1111 (4).jpg

    1111 (5).jpg

    It also comes with a tech adviser. He is Dave, nick name DC8 Dave. He has the most knowledge of the DC8.  He knows them inside out.

  5. I started cruising Woodward Ave with my dad in the early 60s. He worked for GM and his job was to test muscle cars. He would bring home a different car almost every night and my dad would would take me and a friend or 2 depending on the car and go street racing. My dad was a professional driver. He was a backup driver for NASCAR in the 50s. He would have to report on the results. Not only GM he would bring home but also the other big 3. It was mostly for testing. Then I got my license in 68 and my 1st car was a 65 Chev Impala SS convertible with the 409-400-4 speed. 400.00. Woodward and Telegraph was my 2nd home until the 90s when I moved to FL. Lot of good times on the AV. Never wreck or got a ticket. Just some of the cars that I had through the years street racing. The 57 Bird had a 427 Hi Riser, the 63s had 409s, the black truck had a 454 with a tunnel ram, the green truck had a 327 375 fuelie. The red 62  Chev Clone car had a 427 Z11, very rare engine. The white 62, my 2nd 409 car in 68. The black 62 409-409 in 1980. 65 fuel car in 78, not actual picture of car.  9000.00. My 1st Vette that i bought in 74 when I got back from the NAVY. 65 fuel car, 1800.00. not actual picture.  66 GTO 421 tri power car, bought in 76, 2000.00. My 2nd Vette bought in 75 for 1800.00. Backet case 427 390 glide car. I put a LT1 with turbo 400. Car ran 12.20.  70 LT1 Vette bought in 78. 3600.00. 72 Chev with a built 402. Just a few of the cars that was raced on Woodward except for the white 63. That was strip only car. We won the Nationals in 88 with that car. It had a 409 with a 2 barrel carb and power glide. 12.70s @ 107 all day long.

    1965 409 (6).jpg

    1963 Chev (2).jpg



    1973 in CA.jpg

    2014-11-24 12_56_08-20141120_211911-001 - Paint.jpg





    1965 Vette (2).png


    Sept 28, 1974.jpg

    1970 Vette Loyd Watson Taken in 1978 (2).jpg

    My 1972 in 1976 (6).jpg

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  6. 23 hours ago, Matt Harwood said:

    We'll be there somewhere with the Pink Lady.



    Find this guy. Shelby Jet. He bought this car new and still has it. 62 fuel car. He just finished this black one. He and I use to to street race on the Woodward Ave.

    2019-07-04 09_21_20-(10) Shelby Jett.png



  7. On 7/21/2019 at 6:52 AM, Steve9 said:

    Let me go into the full radio screw story. My friend Greg, who had a photographic memory, was a lifelong 1936 Dodge man. He came home from the hospital in a 1936 Dodge. He crossed the USA collecting parts. He knew ever single bolt on the car by thread pitch, length,etc. He knew part numbers, by heart. He found and bought an unrestored 36 roadster. As he got older, he got Lupus, which slowed him down, and eventually claimed his life. He sold the roadster to a neighbor who restored it immediately ( body shop owner). When he spoke on anything 36 Dodge, it wasn’t a guess, HE KNEW EVERYTHING! 

    When I joined the local Chrysler club, he contacted me and we met. I was at his house, told him my car was complete, save for one bumper bolt cover. He open a drawer in a cabinet and tossed one to me. He was my personal 36 Dodge Jesus. I miss him every day. 

    When you need to know everything about your car and meet someone like this,   

    its incredible. He came over an saw my car. He told me my car was a factory radio car because of the hole 4 inches down the column on the top of the column was where  the radio ground screw connected. I need to close now and go blow my nose. 


    Great story.

    Mike Northcutt that owned Dodge City Vintage was the same way with the 33 34 35 Dodge trucks. He passed 8 years ago from a Brain Aneurysm.

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