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  1. 17 minutes ago, keithb7 said:

    Am I missing something in that video? There was no sound. It's unfortunate that it appears the Plymouth needed a tow truck at least twice in the video. 

    @48NWYKR is doing his best to avoid this situation with his wife and 2 kids in the car, a long way from home.

    No wife and 2 kids in the video. Plays ok at my end. This is not the Chrysler taking a trip. Its the Montana 4 doing the video. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, 48NWYKR said:

    I am sure there will be a few of you who can weigh in on this next one..... the DISTRIBUTOR!!!! YAY!!! oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!!!


    So, in my relentless quest to get the old girl running as good as can be, and because I'm far to stupid to leave well enough alone... I had a friend hook the old girl up the a proper "timing scope fancy machine thing" (technical term I'm sure).... and he duly told my my engine timing is "inconsistent" Really? well what do you mean??  she runs just fine.... right? 

    Turns out that all is not well inside the "rebuilt" distributor from a major online parts store for old Chrysler's... so I start down the road of trying to rectify the problem. And that only led to more problems... allow me to explain..


    First off there was excessive wear on the guide plate that holds the weights that advance the timing on the distributor. One had worn such a groove that the weight no longer moved but was essentially getting stuck in one spot, and when spun fast enough I guess it would be forced out rapidly instead of smoothly... hence the inconsistent timing.


    So I fix that with a new plate (best one I could find out of an old distributor) and it runs EVEN WORSE than before....aaaaggghhhhhh!!!!


    So more digging....


    And here is where you smart guys can have your say...


    Turns out, somewhere along the way someone had put a distributor off a 1949/50 onto my 1948.... why is that a problem? I'm glad you asked... turns out that the 1949/50 inline 8's ran a higher compression ratio and the distributor uses a different timing curve than everything before that.

    3 degrees v 1 degree on the vacuum advance and so on and so on..... not much but enough to make a difference.


    I am in the process of building one that would match the lower compression on my 48 right now, taking it easy and driving without the vacuum advance hooked up on the 49/50 distributor.





    I have a dist machine and see this problem a lot. This along with the carb has a lot to do in what we call drivability. You will feel the difference. I have both of these machines for fine tuning.



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  3. On 7/22/2019 at 8:03 AM, qautotransport said:

    Q Auto Transport: FMCSA licensed and Bonded. Get your Car Shipped Nationwide,  We ship to all ports and countries worldwide. We assure the best quality services behind every shipping. We're in auto transport firm for many years and rated as the top auto transportation services provider in USA. Learn more at https://qautotransport.com

    Many times false with a 8-9-10 car hauler. Define door to door. With truck, car driven from truck etc.

    2019-10-06 09_59_42-Q Auto Transport _ Best Nationwide Transporters USA _ Car Shipping.jpg

  4. From TrulyVintage.

    (If you can’t afford to purchase the proper equipment to sleep in your pick up truck - find another job)

    Anything under class 7 truck should be outlawed for doing over the road hauling.


    From TrulyVintage.

    (Don’t BS folks by telling them it is for the “ security “ of their vehicle)

    People that haul high end freight like jet engines and certain HC are required to stay with the truck.



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  5. 8 hours ago, Trulyvintage said:

    The “ Notel “ system shown above in the You Tube video is not compliant for commercial use.


    This sleeper is:







    I have seen drivers caught sleeping in their quad cab pick up trucks by Vehicle Enforcement in:






    The guy in Oklahoma was parked next to me at a Toll Service Service  Plaza.


    It is no laughing matter.


    If you can’t afford to purchase the proper equipment to sleep in your pick up truck - find another job.


    Don’t BS folks by telling them it is for the “ security “ of their vehicle.






    Based on? 7 million miles and having a tow company near scales, I have never seen or proof of sleeper violation. Log off duty and not sleeper berth and not a darn thing that DOT can do.





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  6. 16 minutes ago, Bills Auto Works said:

    Beautiful Rig Sir!


      Mine is substantially smaller, but the Blue Beacon gets plenty of my money. On my coast to coast trips, it is not uncommon for me to visit them a couple of times a week.


       Just the classic wash (truck & trailer) runs me between $36.00-$44.00.


      West coast is always higher, they state right on their listing of locations 8% higher in California


      A few of the locations know me by my rig & charge me the smaller trailer (under 16ft) price which saves me a few buck, VS the actual 24ft that it is


      Most locations do a very good job,  we have one about 30 miles from me Lodi/Seville, Oh. Not sure why but Barstow, Ca is my favorite.


    God bless





    IMG_20190916_094316563 (800x450).jpg

    IMG_20190808_195220711 (800x450).jpg

    IMG_20161207_080720170 (800x450).jpg

    Nice rigs. I live in Sonora CA and there is a Burns Truck Wash behind loves in Ripon CA and they charge 65.00.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Trulyvintage said:

    If you are a professional hauler with an actual company - not just someone pulling a trailer behind a pick up truck - you have regulations and rules to observe.


    One important one - you cannot legally sleep in a pick up truck without an approved commercial sleeper conversion - either external to the truck cab or integrated into the rear seat on a crew cab of a quad cab:






    After driving the legal limit of hours in a given day - the last thing professional haulers want to do is sleep in their pick up truck - that is just depressing and frankly would stink up your truck real quick ....





    I disagree Jim. Only reason that its not legal is that the cab is not wide enough. They sell extenders for the window to make it legal. This is what we use for our dually. And its legal.Your only lacking about 4in. 2in per side. And for stinking up the truck for sleeping in it? If you do not shower, YES!!. My sleeper is not much bigger than a back seat of a dually. It is higher. And it does not smell.  




  8. On 10/1/2019 at 6:41 PM, huptoy said:

    A suggestion was to paint 5 letters/numbers 4 ft high on the roof.  Most trailers look the same from the air & a sign on the roof will help identify your trailer.  Not perfect but will help if an air search.

    Cops not going to send a chopper in the air for a stolen trailer. Still a good idea. We had a 500k rig stolen and the cops wouldn't do a thing. We found it ourselves between the GPS tracker that we installed and the locator from the factory computer.

    Stolen from WPB Fl and we found it near FT. Lauderdale.

  9. 9 minutes ago, edinmass said:

    Yes, still in West Palm, if you down south in Florida give me a pm and I’ll take you through the museum and give you a ride in something interesting. I usually have parking available for a big rig 80 percent of the time. Ed

    I'm in Orlando getting my truck worked on. We park our trucks at Mannheim across from the fair grounds. Should be in tomorrow. 

  10. On 3/11/2019 at 3:16 AM, edinmass said:

    Lots of interesting questions. Trailering is a very difficult and dangerous thing nowadays with the amount of traffic, poor road conditions, (maintenance & weather), poor drivers, and a handful of other issues. To be honest, if I had a chance to sit down with Jim and ask him about his business, I think one would be amazed that a independent single hauler can survive today. Tolls, fuel, insurance, maintenance of both vehicles, replacement costs of vehicles, hotels, ..............I often wonder what the actual return on ones investment and time could possibly be. Add in empty miles, Time looking for loads,.........it boggles the mind. Driving to maximize mileage is a must. Ten years ago I remember a independent hauler complaining about the cost of a flat tire that needed replacement and how he would be working for three days just to cover the costs. While income varies from state to state, if one could figure out the actual pay per hour after ALL expense were figured out, I think the hourly rate would be lower than most people expect. If one managed twenty dollars per hour after everything, and only drove a forty hour work week, that’s 800 dollars per week going over the road...........depending on one’s skills, education, family status, ect.............that’s not a lot of compensation for the effort in today’s economy. Years ago there were lots of small independent haulers that worked local or “short” distance, today I just can’t imagine trying to do it. Notice we haven’t even discussed care and treatment of the car........I see LOTS of drivers who just don’t give two cents about the cars............LOTS, as I ship more cars than most people and see the operations in the lots, like at Amelia Island just yesterday. Everyone asks.........how much does it cost to move a car from point A to point B..........the answer should be.........who is the best shipper who won’t damage my car or take unnecessary risks while moving it. Cost should be way down the list of criteria when selecting a hauler............pick the best one........not the least expensive!

    Did 140k 1099 last year as a driver of a new truck. Truck gross 400k plus. drove 110k miles. This year we are doing better. 1099 works great because of taxes. You still m in WPB FL?


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