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  1. 1 hour ago, StillOutThere said:

    A shift handle for the auto trans being located on the dash is an exclusive identifier of a 1955 Mopar (any line).   The 331 Hemi was in the '55 Chrysler and Imperial.  The 354 came out with the '56 cars.

    Thank you sir. What trans would that be?

  2. On 12/29/2019 at 9:48 AM, John_Mereness said:

    WTB - Citroen Deux Chevaux - friends have requested one and prefer one in USA, not wanting to import one from France to USA - absolutely NO rust.  Please private message me.  

    I just hauled this 82 from WA to LA. Guy owns 200 plus cars from the 1900s to the 80s. He rents them to the movie studios. His big customer is NCIS New Orleans.

    2020-01-02 23_43_58-(no subject) - dave@dodgecityvintage.com - Dodge City Vintage Mail.jpg

    2020-01-02 23_44_23-(no subject) - dave@dodgecityvintage.com - Dodge City Vintage Mail.jpg

    2020-01-02 23_44_57-(no subject) - dave@dodgecityvintage.com - Dodge City Vintage Mail.jpg

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  3. 14 hours ago, dodgebrother said:

    Nice truck.

    And they were a low number build.

    With the VIN you can do a search and it is possible to get the build card.

    The nose piece is similar to a Fargo which were the same from 39-47.

    The stainless strips on the grill bars are the same for Fargo.

    All the parts one would need for a restoration are available from any supplier of 39-47 Dodge truck parts.

    Except the hood badges and the vertical stainless strip down the center of the grill.

    In saying that I would almost bet that vertical piece is the same as a Fargo just the badge is different.

    There have been a few Plymouth trucks for sale up this way.

    Probably the rarest piece with your truck and almost impossible to find is that original tailgate.

    That was the first thing to get tossed or placed in the barn or garage that never saw daylight again. 


    So for that price it is fair and a good candidate for restoration.


    By the way track down Eric Bannerman on here.

    He can probably give you some good intel from the VIN.

    Also I highly recommend his book.


    Good Luck


    Reproduction tail gates are available. we sold about 20 of them and they are excellent.

  4. On 10/22/2019 at 5:56 AM, Woody Sessoms said:


    I believe I have one for a car.  Has a metal panel attached to the rear of the clamshell for mounting.  I can probably cut this panel out as it's not needed for a truck side mount but hate to destroy it because it is so nice and someone may need it.  Would prefer the truck specific mount for preservation sake.  Figuring out how to use the forum so not sure if you've posted a picture or not?  If can't find one for truck believe I could adapt.

    I am home now for a week. Are you still looking for a cover?

  5. On 12/13/2019 at 4:04 PM, artrageus said:

    I've had my '38 for over 25 years now.. collecting NOS spares for all that time.. I've found a lot..but always looking for more.. Please if you have factory spares for this truck and are considering selling.. call me !   I particularly need a really good tailgate Thank you

    We have reproduction tailgates. with or without the Dodge lettering. Post pictures of your truck. 

  6. 17 minutes ago, keithb7 said:

    Am I missing something in that video? There was no sound. It's unfortunate that it appears the Plymouth needed a tow truck at least twice in the video. 

    @48NWYKR is doing his best to avoid this situation with his wife and 2 kids in the car, a long way from home.

    No wife and 2 kids in the video. Plays ok at my end. This is not the Chrysler taking a trip. Its the Montana 4 doing the video. 

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