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  1. 21 hours ago, Mpgp1999 said:


    I have a 1926 DB. I am looking for a truck that can haul it across the country. It would be great if it can be a DB too. I don’t know much about trucks. My idea is to have a trailer with sleeping quarters towed by a DB semi. I do not know if Dodge or Graham had diesel motors. If anyone has any information such as specs photos hauling capacity etc. it would be greatly appreciated. 

    Dodge had Diesel since 1939. Give me a call. I am a car hauler since the 50s starting with my dad.

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  2. 44 minutes ago, kgreen said:

    @countrytravler The Cameo is definitely cool, but so is the convertible T'bird.  Surprise me and tell me that you still have them!

    Sold the truck and bought this 67 Coupe that was a basket case. 427-390-PG. we restored the car in 6 months. A frame off being my 1st. The bird was the girls ex boy friend that was shipped for overseas duty. That's the NAVY. LOL.

    Me on the right. Detroit

    Sept 28, 1974.jpg

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  3. 22 hours ago, Rusty_OToole said:

    How thorough was the so called 12v conversion? Is anything still on 6v? If so, wire the ignition to 6v and use 6v for the trans control system and set it up as the factory intended. If possible change the whole car back to 6v. As you are finding out, 12v conversions on these cars cause more problems than they solve. Or, go back to the "genius" that did the 12v and ask him how to make the trans work. Be ready for a stunned  look and even more stunned answer.

    Or take a center tap off the 12v battery for 6v.

    Some exports were 12 volts. I have a parts book that list 12v  parts for a 34 Dodge truck, USA.

  4. On 2/13/2020 at 7:55 AM, classiccarjack said:

    Please let me know when you get in, I will drive up.

    I'll be home next week. Up in Seattle delivering cars then headed to the Bay Area to unload then heme. 



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  5. On 2/10/2020 at 5:55 AM, classiccarjack said:

    Hello Country Traveler,


    Do you have a 1934 PF block?  I need one for my 1934 PG.

    I'll be home in April, If I find time, I'll look. Only be in town for about 5 days. If you want to stop by and look, your more than welcome.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, 48NWYKR said:

    Hey Dave, Thank You!! We are actually at a friends house in Vancouver WA, just got here a few hours ago. Going to be back on the road in a few days though. Where are you heading?

    To Seattle and the NAVY Sub base in Poulsbo WA. Bring your friend. Your about 20 mile from me. What rout are you taking south?

  7. 13 hours ago, GregLaR said:

    Hey Dave, I don't mean to hijack Matt's thread but this is a very nice offer. I checked the 1968 Corvette National Registry, but no soap. So I shared your info over on Corvette Forum. It's very likely if this car survived, the current owner will be a member there. The car Matt listed here has already generated some positive info there.


    WOW!! Thank you. That would be cool!! This is the guy that owned it.


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  8. Matt.

    This is from a friend of mine that lives in MI and he worked at the GM Tech Center in Warren MI from the 60s to the 90s as a engineer in the Vette section. He has owned many Vettes through the years bought through the Tech center. He bought new and still owns a 62 Vette fuel, big tank and brake car. He sent me this just recently. I remember this car in 70 at a 25 cent car wash during the Detroit winter. I was washing my 65 SS convertible 409 400 4 speed car when he pulled in. His driver side door fell off. both hinges broke at the same time. I help him to put the door back in place. I was 17 at this time period. I will remove if this is not the place to post this story. Thought that you being a Corvette guy would find it interesting.




    Beautiful Car!!

    2020-01-18 13_24_36-(no subject) - dave@dodgecityvintage.com - Dodge City Vintage Mail.jpg

    2020-01-18 13_26_02-(no subject) - dave@dodgecityvintage.com - Dodge City Vintage Mail_LI.jpg

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