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  1. What engine do you have?I have a friend that has a rebuilt short block that he can't use. He has the 25'' block. Call me if any interest. Thanks Dave 209 613 1199.
  2. That is a 39 Dodge? Gear shift on column. 38 was on the floor still. Thanks for the time. Dave Here is a picture of a 38 Dodge dash.
  3. Give me a call anytime, 209 613 1199. The car is located at my house. I'll post some pictures.
  4. Ship Greyhound, we ship a lot of body parts. Cheaper and less damage than UPS and FEDX
  5. Somebody must have a 1914 to1923 DB that they can give me the info so i can fix up Mike with the parts he needs. I have them but ineed some info on the measurements.
  6. Any diagrams,measurements and pictures for a rear spring assembly for a 1914 to 1923 DB? I have the 3/4 elliptic part. Need info on the shackle and main spring and how many leafs. Thanks Dave.:cool:
  7. Being a 10 car hauler in all lower 48 states, i see this often in the back roads. I had to back up one time for a mile because of no warnings of a low bridge ahead.:mad: A lot of low bridges in the north east. A lot of rental trucks hitting that bridge. They also try to go into the fast food drive thru. Good show. I wonder if somebody just sits thier with a camera waiting for that expensive moment?
  8. Hope you can read the pages. Just found this in the garage.:cool:
  9. I have 34 p/u frames in the yard that i will take pictures when our weathers clears, having bad rain storms untill monday.
  10. I have a almost complete 1938 Dodge D8 for parts. Let me know your needs. Thanks Dave.
  11. Are the lens held against the outer ridge bucket with spring inside the bucket?
  12. What kind of tail lamp lens do you need? I have several lenses in stock.Thanks Dave.:cool:
  13. Would that car be a 128 series? If so, i have a Operations and care book along with many parts. Nice looking car. Thanks Dave.:cool:
  14. Need a clock for a 1938 Dodge and a picture of one. Thanks Dave.:cool:
  15. Good info, thank you for the knowledge. I was raised on GM because dad worked at the GM proving grounds during the 60s.
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