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  1. Would anyone poss have a part # for a thermostat that will interchange with my 54 flathead 6? Finally got a windshield in and she is now running. Into the final stages now.
  2. Well been a while since I updated you all so here are a few more
  3. Just thought I would pop in with a progress picture on how the car is coming
  4. while we are on the fluid topic...manual steering box for 54...type to put in??
  5. Thanks..The blue is a shade off the org, should have a litttle more grey in it. However with the body being blue I thik it should turn out nice.. I am from winnipeg..The car was orig purchased by mt wifes great grandfather new and has been in the family ever since...been sitting in a field till I got my hands on it...body going on this week and should have finished for april...hopefully
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