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  1. Thanks. Do you have the mount as well?
  2. Looking for a 1937 Plymouth bumper. Front and rear, or if you just have one. Thanks, Craig Scholl CJD Automotive, LLC 2016 Imeson Rd Jacksonville, FL 32220 Home Page 904.400.1802
  3. Give me call. I'd love to come by and look. I can give you an idea of what you need. Do you know what is missing? I have some extra parts. Thanks, Craig 904.400.1802
  4. What kind of shape is it in?? Send me some pics. Thanks, Craig
  5. Just thought I would share my recently acquired Plymouth PT 50 with you guys. Had my heart set on a '36 Dodge truck, but the Plymouth came up in my search. Been looking for a few years and pulled the trigger on the PT50. Deciding what I am going to do with now! It's about 95% original. Runs and drives good...still could be persuaded to trade for a '36 Dodge truck if anyone is interested. Craig
  6. No, two different trucks. '36-'38 Dodge and '37-'38 Plymouth trucks are their own animals. '38's use one year only grille's and shells. '36-37 Dodge share the same grille shell as the '36 Plymouth, with different grilles. These are truck only grille shells. Make sure you buy a complete truck!!
  7. No, it pretty much stays at the shop. It's 95% original, so it's not really a daily driver. I would recommend checking one out in person before you buy. Pictures are deceiving when it comes to the size. They are very small. Look forward to you stopping by. Thanks, Craig
  8. This is a bullshit post. I emailed a million times. No response. Looks like a young kid. Seen it posted on a few other sites as well with the same pictures (looks like a picture of a picture). Come check out my '37 Plymouth PT50 truck if your in the area. Home Page Craig
  9. Was I supposed to throw in something Buick? Well, I did the front suspension upgrade for Richard Lassiter's GS about five years ago for a magazine article....sorry that is all the Buick I have, just thought I would introduce myself. I'm sure you guys know him and his engine shop in Adel (Wildcat Engines)...very nice. Mike does ALL my machine and doesn't hold it against me even though they are Mopars. Craig
  10. Hello everyone. My name is Craig Scholl. I am a 20+ year Chrysler technician who currently runs my own shop specializing in only late model Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram vehicles. If you guys need help on your late model Mopars, just ask. Current project is my 1970 'Cuda. I have always had an old truck, my last was a '47 Dodge with a late model EFI Hemi (yes I can do this conversion for you), and am currently looking for a 1936-37 Dodge truck. Anyone know one for sale? Thanks, Craig Scholl Home Page
  11. Thanks, I PM'd him/her last week-no reply. My offer is for a perfect truck, needing nothing. I'm tired of chasing parts and am over having a vehicle in paint jail for a year plus. Looking for something done, or at the very least very complete. I say that, but in reality would buy one apart or needing paint, missing drivetrain, etc...I guess I will always want a project, but wouldn't offer anywhere near that. BTW I have looked at several "perfect" trucks that in reality were worth 5-7K. Thanks, Craig
  12. I don't think this is a real deal. At least he hasn't contacted me. I'd go 10-15k depending on condition. Has anyone talked to this guy? Craig
  13. Is this truck available? I am interested. Please email or call me. Thanks Craig 904-400-1802 craigandchristy@comcast.net
  14. Hi, Very interested in the truck. Can you email me some detailed pics and your contact info. Thank you, Craig 904-400-1802 craigandchristy@comcast.net