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  1. 1957 Olds 2dr Sedan for sale. Has a running 394 in it. It needs floors and body work. It comes with a 1957 Olds 98 4 dr parts car. Many hard to find parts included, J2 setup with original carbs, linkage, and air cleaner, extra bumpers, and many more. $4500. Kouts, Indiana Tony
  2. Rocketraider is right it's a 55. Looks like you might have some good parts.
  3. Do you still have these items for sale? If so what photos do you have? Thanks, Tony
  4. Any pictures sure would help. Any ideas on price?
  5. g-g-g0, Thanks for the info. My rear middle might be salvageable but I would still like to find a complete bumper.
  6. Thanks for the information. I have a 1957 super 88 2dr sedan. They made less than 3,000 of that model.
  7. I'm looking for front and rear (dual exhaust) bumpers and various trim parts.
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