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  1. I was asking because I have original paint chips from 1929 and believe the colors you are asking about are several of the many that I do have. These Paint chips are not the style as shown above, small strips on a 8 1/2"x 11" page, they original 1929 color chips that are postcard size on a thick card stock with the entire color on one side, the name of the color and the year on the other side. I am reluctant in sending them off in the mail to anyone, so we would have to figure out someway of getting you a correct color off of these. Maybe I could take them to an automotive paint store (Ditzler or someone else) and get (2) one pint cans made up of the correct color off the chips then you could have those as an example with the paint formula they put on the can?
  2. Just ran across your earlier post? Did you ever resolve your paint matching problem for the colors you were looking for?
  3. Any chance you coud post some pictures of the Tropic Aire heater in your 1928 Packard? Or email some to me? "studebaker1929@yahoo.com" Thanks.
  4. I recently found an old registration form located under the seat of my 1929 Studebaker President where the owner had gone to the "Myraid Cavalcade of Cars" on August 3-4. It does not say the year, but it does say "Second Annual". It was sponsored by the Oklahoma Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the Oil belt region of the Classic Car Club of America. Does anyone know what year this was held? know if there were any photo’s in any publications of this event? Or still have any photo’s of this event? If they were in a publication, which ones and what issues? I believe the owner of my car died in 1981 so the event had to have been prior to that year. The other clubs it list that were part of this event were the H.C.C.A., Model "A" Restorers, Early V-8 club, and a few other local Oklahoma clubs. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. Does anyone have any sources of old photo's taken at Atlantic Auto Sales from 1955? It was owned and run by Mike McManus and located at 19020 S. Figueroa in So. California, I believe it was in Gardena, or may have been called Atlantic Auto and Truck Wrecking. My car was purchased there in 1955 from the family I bought it from and it would be nice to look through some old photos and see if I can see my car anywahere in the photographs. Or does anyone know if someone ended up with the old business records or if they survived after Mike McManus passed away, that may show who he bought and sold the cars from his car lot to?
  6. These are currently on Craigslist around the country; 1917 Studebaker 1925 1925 Studebaker Duplex Phaeton 1930 Rare 1931 Studebaker Dictator Sedan 8 series FC
  7. Attached is a photo taken in 1929 of the Ruxton up on a rack; If you go to the Los Angeles Public library web site, http://photos.lapl.org/carlweb/jsp/photosearch_pageADV.jsp and type in "1929 Mystery Car" you will see more original 1929 photos of the Ruxton.
  8. I noticed in this post that both Chuck Crawley and PackardV12 mentioned knowing Mike McManus. I have a car that was bought from Mike in 1955 from Atlantic Auto Sales for $200 by the family I purchased it from. I was wondering if either one of you know what ever happened to the records from his business?, or if there is any source of contact that would have either the old records or photo's from his yard from back then? I am trying to track down the ownership trail of my car and thought it might be nice to see if any old records still exist of who the owners were of the cars he sold from Atlalntic Auto sales to see who he possibly bought my car from? Anyone know any leads?
  9. Parade picture. Taken in Los Angeles for dedication of City hall. Of the 6 at the front of the Parade I'm guessing the far left front touring and the sedan behind it are studebakers? Back row two on right are packards? and two in front row on right are Lincolns? Anyone else care to take a guess in identifiying these cars?
  10. The photo is from 1929. The car on the left is a 1929 Ruxton. I thought the rear bumpers on the car on the right were pretty interesting. I believe the cover on the rear spare tire says "Hupmobile". Was this Factory or after market? Any thoughts?
  11. Are you still looking for Antique Studebaker Reviews? I have many duplicates dating back to the mid-1970's.
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