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  1. The more research I do on the car the more I want to change it. If it was a wagon or a something that they only made so many of I would lean towards all stock original. I'm seeing that they made over thirty thousand of these so I don't think custom paint and interior is really going to hurt. I will definately go with an original style interior. And id love to see some offy accessories on my nailhead! I think I'm going to go with a six shooter intake, and maybe some weber carbs. Another contemplation I have is the whole disc brake thing. Are these master cylinders that likely to fail? I'm almost positive its never been rebuilt and as of right now it stops the car pretty good.
  2. Hello I bought a 1956 Buick Super a few years ago and am stuck in the middle of what direction I should go with the car. Make it my own? or go stock original? I'd like to know what factory original looks like exactly. I've been reading several other threads and notice everyone asks for a website to help decode their body tags, and I am believing that i am blind or there isn't one?. Id like to assume its all original but that would be retarded. Any advise from someone who has such info or could offer me a little guidance would be much appreciated, This will be my first resto. and post. Thanks, Dan Body No. Bk 3134 Trim No. 533 Paint No. ccc Dover Dover Dover? Acc. S