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  1. Hi all, I took rear end out. Had it setting out for a couple days. Came out and noticed it had leak out a little fluid of the front yoke aree. Is this normal? Should I just go ahead and replace yoke seal or not? No signs of leaking till I had it setting out. If so what are torque specs for yoke nut? Also what are the torque specs for nut that holds brake drum on? Thanks
  2. i don't need 12 volt for me .just after all the reading i thought someone would have done it by now.plus if some is looking to do this it would help them out. but so far i guess no one has .
  3. ya i like your way of thinking c49er .more power!!!!!!! but not this one all stock .
  4. no it is all apart right know ,but it was not running or driving when i got it .basicly a project..but all parts and pieces are there .
  5. thanks ya i glad to here . i was hoping not to open up a can of worms by accident.ya i am leaving mine stock.i need to replace the whole harness on mine .when i get to that point .i was just wondering on this topic .that's probably why i never found a complete answer when i was reading .thanks for the reply .
  6. hi all ok before you get mad and say not this again.i have a 51 chrysler windsor with fluid drive. i have read alot of post all across the net on switching 6v to 12v not to do it .keep it 6v.i have not read about anyone who has completed this all the way and how they got the fluid drive to work .i understand most of you say keep it 6v.i know someone has had to complete this .ok here we go.i want to here from those who have done it and what they did to get the fluid drive to work right,what they used to make it work? i have always wonder about this .i see so many post,but know real answers.plus i think this might help someone out just in case they would want to do this.so please bare with me on this thanks .
  7. hi thanks for getting back with me.just got done measuring it.now my car is apart,i mean front fenders off .so the measurement is as close i can get .it is 85 inchs .i put the rock sheild on the rear fender and measured from that to the door and then measured the front fender end.all measurements are top side end to end .not the bottom .so let me know if you can help me i need both left and right. hope my measurement is alright .let me know if i need to measure from the bottom side . oh ya forgot to ask i need left fender small bottom corner chrome trim piece too.if ya have one or know were one is ? thanks again.
  8. Is the rocker panel chrome strip the same link as a 51 Windsor deluxe? If so I would be interested in them. Who do I talk to. Do I need to email Dave?
  9. Hi jack, thanks I never even thought of that. It is funny how you can over think things See this is why I ask on here. That would Probably work and be the easiest way. Plus if they were to every come apart would be a quick fix. So I will go that route. Thanks again for the info have a great day
  10. hi all got a fulton sun shield .it came apart in two pieces.my question is the chrome trim on both side are riveted on.so i cut the heads off with a dremel and drilled out the rest of it with a drill press.what can i use to reattach them ? i don't think i have enough depth to make threads and use short bolts. i thought about buying some small thread all or small stud ,then j.b weld them into the holes i have now then bolt it together.so any help would be very appreciated.you guys always come threw.thanks all for your time and info on this .
  11. ok thankyou very much. this helped me out .have a great weekend .
  12. ok that kinda what i thought from pictures.so do most just bolt directly to it with no brackets? i see some with brackets but i would think that would be for adjustable ones ,not stationary ones. thanks for the info and help .
  13. Hi all, just wanted to ask how sun shields mounted. I have found one but it don't have side brackets. But I'm not sure it is supposed to have them. I seen a bunch of them but they have brackets. Just didn't know if some didn't. Just need to know how they mount. I'm putting it on a 51 chrysler Windsor deluxe. It came off a 1952 Windsor Thanks larry
  14. hi all,just want to see if anyone has or know someone that has . 1951 chrysler windsor deluxe L&R side long rocker panel chrome trim pieces new or used .also i need the small front Left fender corner chrome trim piece.also back of front seat ashray. i have the chrome trim just need the door/tray. not sure what other year parts will interchange for my year.any help would be great.thanks opene to new or used. oh ya i do have a 1953 chrysler windsor deluxe center grill chrome housing with emblem.so if anyone need it just post or pm me thanks .
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