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  1. I have done the above procedure on my 89, and it works great, but of course it is throwing the eo26 code. Where exactly would you connect the diodes in this configuration? On the ground wire? I am a complete idiot with electronics, but this was an easy enough thing to do. If I want to use a reed relay, what kind would I buy, and again, where would I put it? Thanks for any help
  2. Price is reduced, and car has been driven about 2000 miles in the last year. Still for sale...
  3. My name is Steven Smith, and I think the following gives a fairly comprehensive view of the car: Year: 1989 Coupe Mileage: 136,894 Considered Correct? (Y) Location: Oakland Park, Florida VIN: 1G4EC11C0KB906650 Title: Clear Any Accident History? (N) Asking Price: $3,000 Willing to take trade (N) Exterior Color: Red Interior Color: Gray Paint Original? (Y) Paint Condition? (Fair, eventually will need repainted) Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (Body Color) Body Dents: (N) If Y where__________________ Body Rust: (N) If Y where__________________ Windshield Chipped or Cracked? (N) If Y to what extent? Vent Glass Intact? (Y) If N please describe which one is damaged and how damaged. Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (Good) (Coupe only) Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? (Good) Out Side Mirrors Intact? (Y) Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (Y) Tail Light Lens: (Cloudy) Interior Original? (Y) 16 Way Seats? (Y, I think) Works (Y) Seat Condition? (Good) Drivers interior door panel condition? (Good) Passengers interior door panel condition? (Good) Center console top armrest condition? (Good) Door weather stripping condition? (Good) Headliner Condition? (It’s there & sagging, needs replaced ) Carpet Condition? (Fair, some stains) Original Floor Mats: (Y) Floor Mat Condition: (Good) Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: (Excellent) Sun Roof? (Y) Works? (N, needs belt, motor works) Functional Keyless Entry? (Y) Both Remotes? (Y) Problems with Electronic Dash items? (Y) If Y describe problems: Power Windows Work Correctly? (N - Dr Side goes down 3 in., Pass side not) Power Seats Work Correctly? (Y) Power Door Locks Work Correctly? (Y) Power Antenna Work Correctly? (N, needs to be connected, or replaced) Original Sound System? (Y) Factory CD Player? (90-91 only) (Y/N) Sound System Fully Functional? (Y) If N what are the problems (i.e. tape player, CD, speakers, noise): Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? (N) If Y describe: A/C Functional? (Y, eventually will need to replace evaporator) If N describe problem: Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? (Y) Does the suspension require any attention? (Y) If Y describe what is needed: needs shocks Tire Brand: Falken Remaining Tread: Estimate 95% Are All Tires Matched? (Y) Factory Wheels? (Y) If N describe the non stock wheel Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: (Fair) Missing Caps? (0) number Any Brake Components Replaced? (Y) If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? Pads, front & rear, rotors refinished April 2013 Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? No Idea Original Engine? (Y) If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Engine Rebuilt? (N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Engine require attention? (N) If Y what needs to be done. When was last tune up? Last Year? Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? (N) If Y describe in detail what is leaking, to what extent. How often do you change the oil? Synthetic Oil-every 4000 Original Transmission? (Y) If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Transmission Rebuilt? (N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Transmission require attention? (N) If Y what needs to be done? When was last Transmission Service? No Idea Any Transmission Leaks? (N) If Y to what extent? Have CV joints been replaced? (N) If Y when and how many miles ago? I have some receipts for this vehicle's service history. Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? Yes For 90/91 Reattas only, does the owners manual portfolio contain: Craftsmen?s Log (N) Tire gauge (N) Flashlight (N) Buick Road Atlas (N) In General, What items need attention? Passenger side cooling fan doesn’t work at high speed (low speed, yes)(engine does not overheat) 2 Antenna needs attention 3 Headliner needs replacement My Reatta Drives: (Excellent) I am the 3rd owner of this Reatta. 2nd owner was my mother since 1994. I have owned this Reatta for 4 Years and/or _____ Months. Contact Me at ___ ___ ____ or email me at
  4. Thanks, everyone, for your input. Should I decide to swap wires under the air cleaner box (I have not lifted it yet to see the wires, probably this weekend) how do I know which wires to swap? How do I find this "plug and play cheater cable" and where do I connect it? I just read through the service manual's coolant fan control and electrical system description in which it describes how it all works, but it does not give me an idea about which wires should be switched. Maybe I will know more once I look at them. Thanks for all your advice in advance...
  5. I am interested in doing what you did in order to bring down the running temperature in my 89. It is fine on the highway, but as soon as I am in stop and go traffic (even at 20MPH) the temperature goes up to 200-205 degrees (and it is worse without the a/c on). I am not confortable with that and would prefer that it should stay between 186-195 degrees. Where is the resistor onto which you installed the jumper? and how do I find a Hayden temperature control? Does this leave any of the fans running on high all the time? It seems like a relatively easy fix to running too hot. I spoke with my mechanic about installing a relay, and he said the bad thing about that is that the fans stay on high all the time, which I do not want. I am also uncomfortable about removing the EPROM for reprogramming, the downtime involved, and the possibility of having it lost along the way. I live in Miami so you can imagine how important it is to have the cooling system be efficient, and how quickly overheating can take place here. Bottom line is, how can I find out more about this, then let my mechanic know?
  6. I need to find a mechanic in Miami who will do this for me. The mechanic I have been using for all my Reatta repairs has done a great job on everything so far, but seems insistent that the Cam Sensor Magnet should be replaced the way it was installed from the factory instead of the "JB Weld" way. It looks to me like the "JB Weld" way would be a lot longer lasting, given that this is almost a standard replacement item on all Reattas after a certain number of miles. My Reatta has been driven with a bad magnet for many miles, but recently I am driving it a lot more often and would really like to get this done. Unfortunately, I am not mechanically inclined at all, and have no place to work on it. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I am having many of the same issues with my 89. The odometer doesn't work, the speedometer jumps all over the place (I have replaced the VSS), the tach and temperature readings are intermittent and the engine sometimes gets above normal operating temperature. There is a "computer communication problem", and the service engine soon light stays on, but otherwise the engine runs great. According to the 89 service manual when you get "Low Oil Pressure" followed by "Electrical Problem", that sets the B334 code: Loss of ECM communication. I have yet to open everything behind the glove box to tap the modules and checks the connections, but in case I need to get a replacement ECM, where did you order yours? And did the replacement resolve everything?
  8. My 89 Reatta has been sitting for a year in a garage but I finally got to Indiana and will ship it to Florida. After I started the engine and got into the diagnostics, the BCM gave me the error message B334. I know that this means that there is no ECM data. I am not really sure where to go from here. Does that mean the ECM is no good? Is there a test I can do, or what troubleshooting can I do? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  9. Hey, thanks much to all you guys! And to Richard D, I live just north of downtown. I have to tell you, though, Pinecrest is a lot closer to me than Indiana... I am sure I will be in touch once I have the car here. I kinda have to agree with you all. I have never had a lot of satisfaction from a dealer when it comes to diagnosing and repairing any car. I began studying and reading all the publications and diagnostic charts I could get my hands on as soon as I found out the car was going to be mine, I just have to be able to lay my hands on the car. I will call my brother today in Indiana. I think he has a friend who has a Reatta. Go from there. Thanks again!
  10. I will need someone who can go through the diagnostics and try to determine the source of at least one problem. It is that the speedometer jumps all over the place when the car is in motion. It looks like it could be a faulty VSS but I want to go through the diagnostics first before I spend money on replacement parts. Maybe it is low battery, faulty wiring to BCM or ECM. I am also curious about how the owner's name was programmed into the first screen when you open the car. I have the Buick Service manual for the 89 Reatta/Riviera and could find nothing in there about that. The car belonged to my mother, and gave her a greeting when she got into the car, but I would like to change it to my name. ??
  11. I have an 89 Reatta in Logansport Indiana and it is in need of a few repairs before I go up there and drive back to Miami. My first question is who knows someone in the Northern Indiana area who is qualified and knowledgeable (especially to go through the diagnostics) to work on Reattas? Are most mechanics at certified Buick repair facilities qualified to work on these cars? If I could get some work done on the car before I have to travel there and pick it up, it would be great. I just won't have enough time to do a lot myself when I get there. Any leads would be a huge help. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, got it. I will re-post my question there..
  13. Thanks, I couldn't find how to get into the Reatta forum...