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  1. Thank you guys! This is all GREAT info. It helps a lot! rustyjazz... that car is beautiful! Love it!
  2. You guys have great eyes... I've looked at a bunch of 1914 & 1915 Studebaker cars and it looks like different models have a few differences. These differences seem to correspond to the model, not necessarily the 1914 or 1915 model year. The most obvious are the rear door size, hood length, hood ornament. I've seen a few of each year with high and low headlights, but the majority of factory images seem to have low for '14 and high for '15. Did automakers back then stick to model year changes, or did they change over these kind of things during production runs?
  3. THANK YOU guys for taking the time to post and for sharing your thoughts! It sure looks a lot like that car. I'm so bad with these early cars. Thanks guys!!!
  4. Hello! I'm hoping that someone can help me out in identify the make/model and year of the car below? Sadly, all my experience with cars has been with 1950's on up. I found this photo in my Great-Grandmother's scrapbook and it's titled "Dad with his first car". ANY HELP is REALLY appreciated! Thank you guys! Josh
  5. Hello guys, I'm looking for the embossed metal lower door trim for 1953 Oldsmobile 98 coupe and convertibles. Also the same trim for rear seat side panels. Looking for ANY of them. Either individual pieces or a full set. ANY LEADS ARE APPRECIATED!!! THANK YOU! Josh josh@hyfire.com
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