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  1. I have an '89 Reatta, and want to add an electronic deer chaser to an ingnition circuit. The deer chaser has an on/off switch, but I also want it to turn off when the ignition is off. Which of the ignition fuses would be the best to tap into?
  2. Mc_Reatta: Thank you for your help!! Phil
  3. Hi Mc_Reatta: I have performed the tests you indicated above, here are the results. Fuse #9 is okay. BCM input B101 says Lo NOT Hi. BCM Output B0004. CRT alternates between Lo and Hi, and the lights turn on and off. Since the B101 is saying Lo instead of Hi, what is that telling me? What should I do next? Thanks, Phil
  4. okay, I've done the dianogstics (B103, 104, 105,106) as suggested in previous posts. The door switches checked out okay. I switched the relay in the truck for a new one, as well as the relay in the console. When the ingnition is switched off the lights will go out in about 10 minutes. They come on when you open the door. They go out as you are starting te engine, but come back on once it starts. They won't go out when you switch the transmission from Park to either Reverse of Drive.
  5. Okay, I've replaced the headlight switch and that seems to take care of the panel lights, but the dome, door panel and footwell lights still won't turn off. What should my next steps be? I have already replaced the relay for those lights. Thanks, Phil
  6. NCReatta Marck Barker: Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate the help. I checked the slide switch on the panel dimmer, and it is NOT all the way to the right. Last night on the way home the dash lights would all of a sudden get bright, and the lights that illuminate the descriptions for each of the switches on the dash would go dark. I could get the lights to go dim and the switch descriptions to light up again if I turned the fog lights on, or stopped and turned all the lights off, and then turned them on again. I don't know if this is a separate problem, or if it is connected with the dome, door panel, and footwell lights not utrrning off when the doors are closed. Again, any help is very much appreciated. Thanks. Phil
  7. I have a 89 reatta, and the interior courtsey lights (dome, door panels, footwell) will not turn off. I replaced the relay for the courtsey lights, but the problem still exists. Suggestions?