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  1. If anyone is interested in my 27' series A it's up for sale. Good buy with lots of history. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151308636066?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Love the dash and gauges, mine is a '27 but still looks very similar, does it have a 6 or 8 cyl?
  3. Oh well, looks like they took the major part of the footage from the return trip down the same road. They had us turn around at the end of the block and come back up the street. The Hup idled for what seemed like an hour and didn't overheat. It was a good day though I had a good co-pilot, Lt. Nadd's girlfriends (Shannon) grandfather, another veteran. He seemed to have liked it plus he was from Detroit like me. This was another view. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuSjsLA9Jdo
  4. As you might know I was in a parade for the returning of LT Chuck Nadd. The parade was recorded for a up coming Budweiser commercial. Hopefully my 27' Hupmobile will be seen in the footage. Here's a teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODeevS6Pb8c
  5. Was asked to join the parade for Lt. Chuck Nadd returning home from Afghanistan, that was a no brainier. After a brake adjustment, wash and wax off we went. Everyone loved the car including retired veteran Dan riding shotgun
  6. Huppnut

    gas cap

    Gene I have one. If fits the tank like this
  7. Huppnut

    gas cap

    Hey Gene, I have an extra. What model do you have. I have the 2 door series A with rumble seat.
  8. it's a 27' 6 cylinder. Do you know where you got the graphite packing rings from...I'm ready to try anything. thanks
  9. To make a long story short, it's getting harder to keep water in after a drive, it's fine while driving, but when I stop and shut it off it will drip out the rope seal area . I recently had the water pump rebuilt and it still leaks, they suggested adding more rope and tightening nut. Again and again and again. At what point will it stop. I don't want to over tighten the nut, just a bit each time, or is it normal to add water every trip you take? Anyone rebuild these pumps with a seal? Is this system under any kind of pressure?
  10. Wife wanted to take a ride and eat in town, after breakfast we took a few pictures of the car at it's 2nd home, (first home just 45 minutes away) the home has been restored and on the historical register. The house is now home of a real estate business and the garage around back (where the car sat apart since '78 is now office space) We thought it would be cool...... Enjoy. Eric
  11. Sorry, you were the first person I thought of. I'm sure others might know also. I was reading in a older Hupp Heard my car ('27 series A 2 door with rumble seat) formally the David Kilbourne car, only 3 members with that type. How many of these cars were built? Anyone know? thanks P.S. that's the house behind it I rescued it from last year, it too is now on the historical resister....
  12. It's funny how sometimes it's right under your nose....well this time in the owners manual. For those that need to see it....but I still want to know what TILT is?
  13. Got one, but doesn't show the break down how this hooked up, like what's TILT mean, I get most of the others, and straight down (pictured) everything is off , and where does that wire (rheostat ?) connect, between which posts...that kind of stuff. thanks
  14. I would like to replace my aftermarket switch with this original unit I got with a box of parts that came with my car. I couldn't find any info on it, how did it work and how did it wire up.
  15. Took the Hup out last weekend to the Groundhog Gala show, had lots of fun and drove her 60 miles...had a bit of over heating (see other post) but not a problem being fixed as we speak.
  16. Well my shifter lock was the same as the door lock assembly, do you have a door lock?
  17. my key code was on the lock cylinder, gave that to a locksmith on ebay, made me a key, worked like a champ...
  18. Took the car on a trip to a show yesterday, got within a few blocks of the show and the car started to over heat, 210 degrees on the gauge. I pulled over and took a look, it appears the fan/water pump shaft now has play and will need to be rebuilt. Any kits or re builders I should look for. Oh I filled up before the trip home, didn't over heat (180) but leaked out when I shut it off in the garage....UPDATE....Today before I dove into the repair I wanted to see exactly where it was leaking from, I filled up with fresh fluid, tightened the packing nut and drove off...it ran cool, never over heated, but when I shut it off, the water pump shaft area started leaking out. You can move the shaft outward (towards radiator) about a 1/4" and has a little side play, so I'm thinking a rebuild is in order? Thoughts
  19. interesting and thanks for sharing
  20. That I don't know, mine didn't have an air cleaner when I bought it. I've seen a picture of a Stromberg OE-1 which is what I have on ebay and it had an air cleaner similar to what you described but I don't know whats inside.
  21. Well as this car didn't have one I had to come up with something....what I did I made an adapter that went from 1 3/4" to 2". It's a press fit into the mouth of the carb, with a bit of locktight it won't wiggle loose.....simple but works. The filter I had left over from another project. I also made a T fitting that would house my temp probe for the temp gauge, it's mounted in the upper radiator hose. Also I installed an electric fuel cut off valve, below vacuum tank, I can now turn it off from the dash....
  22. Hey John, did you ever post any pictures of your Hup truck (I couldn't find any)....I can see it in the back ground. looks pretty cool
  23. Huppnut

    New Video

    Well since not a whole lot goes on around here I thought I would add a new video for the forum watchers to look at. I got a new camera mount and thought I would try it out....I'll have to get some from the outside to show viewers what there riding in
  24. Welcome, and yes we want to see pictures
  25. oops should read Thermostat here's the thermostat less motor in question...UPDATE well okay I found out (Hupp owners manual) thermostat was in upper radiator hose, okay next question, anyone know the temp?
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