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    Homer Edmiston was the one who got me interested in brass era cars.
  1. prs519, I think that the engine welded into the tree is an early Chevrolet engine with overhead valves according to one of the authorities helping me. We also have 3 of those engines just like that one that do not include a tree. One of those engines is marked MASON. They were an early motor manufacturer for Chevrolet engines. No relation to the Mason car or the Dusenberg brothers. Thanks, Sid P.S. we also have several frames and one Overland project that include trees.
  2. cBen09, I understand your concern, but until you have seen how much there is to get through it is hard to believe. An auction of individual pieces could easily take up three full days. This will have to be a fast moving sale but we have only pictured a small amount of the items that are there. Jars of acetylene jets, brass bushings, boxes of headlamp lenses and mirrors, hundreds of brass carburetors, and on and on. We have been sorting and unearthing for three months already. The pre-sale viewing will be important as the lots should be set by then. Hope to see you there. Sid
  3. BJM, I have found a few suspected Peerless items but not much and no large items. There are quite a few unidentified pieces and several complete or partial bodies that I am not familiar with. Very little for Packard or Locomobile either. Nice set of Velie front spindels and hub caps showed up from the bottom of a pile just the other day, though. So much of the stuff will probably be seen for the first time just shortly before the auction. I will try to keep you informed. Sid
  4. Alan, There will be several complete 1909 Cadillac motors and several of the separate water pumps on the upcoming auction for Homer Edmiston's estate. Sid
  5. Luv2wrench; Parts that have not been grouped as a project car will probably be sold in a group with the high bid taking choice of the items offered and the option of buying several for that top price. Then the bidding will open again for choice or finally for the balance of that group. Same for other like items. The auctioneer will determine the size of the groupings. Formal inspection will be on Friday but we will be working there all day Thursday as well getting things out until sunset. Purchased items can be left for a short time and some shippers may be at the sale. Several have indicated that shipping will probably happen on the return from the Hershey Swap meet and that will be acceptable as long arrangements are made with me ahead of time. The prime security of the items is the responsibility of the buyer so shipping asap is best. With regards to the Metz: I greatly appreciate your information on the Metz. I am a novice with regard to this type of car and I used Homer's notes to date the car. I will research and make the necessary changes. I welcome this type of help. As you can see, this is an overwhelming task. Yours, Sid Connner
  6. oldcarfan; Homer Edmiston's auction will be somewhat different from the sale you attended for Don Cleveland. Homer has 5 restored cars but enough parts to help restore hundreds of cars from Ford to Stutz. Homer was a salvage dealer and as such took great pride in locating the parts rather than completing the restorations. There should be something for everyone at Homer's sale. Thanks, Sid
  7. Homer Edmiston of rural Nebraska passed on in April of this year leaving behind an enormous trove of brass era automobiles & parts as well as parts for many cars up into the 20's, 30's & 40's. His collection of cars and parts feature Brush, Buick, Cadillac, Ford A & T, Ford NRS, Maxwell, Overland, REO and others. From the brass era there are restored cars project cars piles of parts accessories and literature For those who are interested this collection will be auctioned at Homer's acreage outside of Greenwood, Nebraska on October 1st and 2nd, 2011. See some details at home page, Edmiston Estate Auction. This will give you a glimpse at some of the inventory to be offered. Thank you for your time and attention. Sid Conner, Executor Homer Edmiston Estate