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  1. Been a long time since you posted that video, but here's what I need: power window switches. If that car still has one or more, I'd be very interested. wubker@cfl.rr.com
  2. The 1957 Olds 98 I purchased has a black frame. I just received a dealer brochure and it shows a gold frame (engine color) with a black drive train. In fact, in the brochure, the gold frame was in several pictures. Was that correct or was the gold frame just for display purposes?
  3. Concours parts sells reproduction steering wheels in most of the correct colors.
  4. I have purchased a '58 Montclair convertible and have been looking for others. Jim Rogers in LV appears to have one, Ted Forbes in Canada and the Mercury club lists one that belongs to a member. That's a total of 4. I know there are a number of Monterey convertibles and Park Lanes out there, but does anyone know of any more Montclair convertibles?
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