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  1. I'll take my '94 Crown Vic LX over any new "luxury" car anytime....
  2. Nice video, Barry! You look good...and so does the car!!
  3. One of the very few good things about SC is that you can get pure gas (E0) at just about any gas station. It is usually 30 cents a gallon more than E10, but is well worth it. I use it in all my small engines, as well as my '94 Crown Vic.
  4. Absolutely beautiful! All involved get a hearty handshake and a clap on the back for a job well done! You should all be very proud of your work!
  5. Having dealt with the public for many years, I've come to the conclusion that the majority of the general public are stupid, self centered morons. Even though my '94 Crown Vic is not an antique yet, I will not take it anywhere I would have to park in a public lot any more. I've had too many sheeple park too close or at weird angles. I've come back to the car to find fingerprints on the windows. The paint on the car is factory original, and in pristine condition. No dents, either, and I want to keep it that way. I've even cut back on driving it because of the idiots that constantly tailgate
  6. Barry...what are you going to do with yourself when the car is gone???? Finish your Lincoln limo project?
  7. My dad was stationed at Pease AFB, NH from 1958-1961. He had a Nash Metropolitan at that time, until around 1960. I was born in '54, and remember riding in the "back seat" of it. I remember Dad got rid of it due to some mechanical problem and got a '56 Ford Custom as a replacement. I can still remember at being amazed at how much bigger the back seat was in the Ford.
  8. If you're not going to leave my original comments about SC in here, then I have nothing to say.
  9. Dave@Moon...as a long time science fiction 'nut' and huge Asimov fan over the many decades, I must correct your spelling....It's Isaac Asimov, not Issac.
  10. A house payment of over $65,000.00 a month?? Chump change. Ha! That's a whole 'nother world.
  11. I've never had any problems here. Always quick to load. I have broadband with Charter, allegedly 30mbps (which is slow compared to the rest of the industrialized world).
  12. Greenville, S.C. is the place to be!! My wife researched for 6 years where to retire to, and the Greenville area came up tops in all areas...cost of living, geriatric care, low taxes, etc.
  13. You got my vote! I agree with the above....get the mechanicals all in order, and leave the 'patina' the way it is. An original car like that is a great historical treasure. Best of luck!
  14. I graduated H.S. in 1972. In the fall of '71, I got a 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible for $700. British Racing Green with white interior, black top. No power anything. Floorboards were pretty well rusted, so I pop rivited some sheet metal in, along with some spray on undercoat. The previous owner had taken the 260 V8 out and put in a 302-2V. Had a 3 speed manual floor shift. When I went off to college, my dad ''took'' possession of the car, and ruined it. He bought me a '68 Mustang convertible (289-2V) to replace it, then the parents got divorced, and I didn't see the car for 10 years. Whe
  15. I live in South Carolina. It doesn't snow here. The other day, the outside temperature was 78 degrees (F). I don't take the Crown Vic out if there is a chance of rain, but we've been in a drought for the last several years, so it really doesn't rain that much.
  16. There are at least 10 gas stations within 5 miles of my house that have ethanol free gas. S.C. has one of the lowest gas taxes in the nation...and the roads reflect it...but my '94 Crown Vic with 106,000 miles loves the pure gas.
  17. Good luck with that....Edmunds puts a '91 Reatta in excellent condition with 85,000 miles at $2600 dealer retail...and that's if it has a sunroof. Maybe you'll find some cheese eating high school boy that will pay more......
  18. There are a lot of places where gas is well over $4/gal...
  19. Here in the Greenville area of S.C., there are several stations that have pure gas...and they all charge about 30-40 cents a gallon more than the E10 they sell at the 'regular' pumps. Currently at $3.59/gal. E10 is $3.28/gal. I put the pure gas in my '94 Crown Vic and all my small engine stuff (lawn mower,etc.). There is definitely an increase in gas mileage and performance in the Vic. My '07 Edge and '03 Caravan still get E10. That extra coin per gallon adds up quick. Here is a link to find ethanol free gas in YOUR area!! Ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada
  20. The sheeple forget that a driver's license is a privilege, not a right. I think the US should have a program, such as I've heard in Germany, where you have to be 18 to get a license, and go through extensive training, including first aid courses. I understand that it cost about 2-3 thousand dollars to get your license there... I don't own a gun because I would summarily execute some of these a-holes on the road.
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