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  1. Give me any info you can on it (name, year, use, etc) so I can ask one of my 65 antique dealers whom rent booth space. I can usually track just about anything down.
  2. I'm in SE Michigan, but if you have anything you collect in particular, I'll gladly take a look and photograph some things/their prices and am willing to ship. Just let me know
  3. I appreciate the quick responses. I was offered these for a total of about $25. Do you think they are worth the price for resale value? Also, I do ship items, if anyone here collects or is looking for anything in particular and I have it, I'd be glad to ship items out. I have about 65 dealers in a 12,000ft antique mall and a constant stream of new items coming in (including newer stuff such as novelty parking signs, etc). I do appreciate your replies, it will help with my research. I had the Ford caps pegged, but the others I had no clue. Thanks again! Cheers, Mox
  4. Hello, I am new to the community. I own an antique mall and have recently come across 5 hubcaps I'm trying to identify. I know the manufacturer of two, but wondering if anyone here can help me figure out which cars these went to. I attached the pictures to this thread. Thanks for reading and for any help! Cheers, Mox
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