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  1. So I finally scored some 15" Buick wheel covers on flea bay that weren't ridiculously overpriced. It looks like there is one specific steel wheel that will fit on my 63. Is there any other year/model steel wheels that I can use to make these work? I'm sure these aren't correct 63 Riveria wheel covers, but I NEED to get these Dayton wire wheel lookalikes off. Here is the pic from the ad:
  2. Sounds like fun. My Riv needs some work before I would trust the 6 hr drive for me. Please keep us posted on other PNW events!
  3. looks like a great foundation for a resto. Good luck and post progress pics!
  4. I would be up for any that were sold in 1963. I like those turbine ones.
  5. any chance either of you found those pictures? Thanks.
  6. I'd like to get the best condition possible, but if you have some pics I'd like to check them out. Also just trying to see what kind of money I'm going to have to put out to find a nice set.
  7. Looking for some OEM correct wheel covers for my 1963 Buick Riviera. Thanks
  8. Well I spent the afternoon taking care of the brake issue. I bled the brakes first, with no change. I got the car in the air and found the front wheels very hard to turn. I removed the wheels and drums, which was a pain with the brakes so tight. Checked everything out, loosened up the adjusters, scuffed up the linings and drums, repacked the bearings, put it all back together and now they spin fine. Inspected the rears too, everything looked good. Put the car on the ground and she rolled much better, pedal feels good. I'm eventually going to do a full brake fluid change once I shakedown the car more. I didn't get to drive it too far since I need to get some more gas in the tank and change a few bulbs. I did want to wash it before it started getting dark (yes it was raining off/on, but I just had to get it clean!). So all and all, a great afternoon on the car. Especially while listening to the Seahawks win on the radio Here are some pics. Not the best but I will take some good ones when the weather gets better (so in July ) just about to put the wheels back on: Anybody recognize these things? No markings, but appear to be semi okay quality. I will eventually be ditching this setup for some correct wheel covers. after a bath:
  9. Update: Car is running! After chasing my tail rechecking things over and over again, going absolutely nuts, the Riv lives! Now that the weather has turned in the PNW, I finally have some time to devote to the old girl. Since it still didn't have spark, I removed the distributor to inspect it. I found a small wire that grounds the plate that the points sit on to the distributor case, it was slightly frayed and corroded. I thought it was a long shot, but I just couldn't find anything else to be bad. Made up a new wire, threw it all back together, and BAM, she fired right up! Needless to say, I am stoked!!! Although, when I backed her out of the garage, it feels like the brakes are hanging up. The pedal feels almost stuck to the floor. E-brake is released (atleast at the pedal anyway). So that's what I hope to figure out tomorrow. Thanks for all the advice!
  10. Just a quick update.... Between the other cars, house projects, and general summer fun, I haven't had much time to devote to the Riv. I am going to try a coil next... This is the coil that is on the car now. Can anyone tell me if this is an original coil? I'm planning on ordering this coil, but need to know if it should be internal or external ballast resistor. I just want to make sure this is the correct part. I don't really get what the condenser looking thing is mounted to it... edit: BTW, I'm getting battery voltage at the coil with the key on, so would that mean this coil has an internal resistor?
  11. Thanks for the wealth of info! I looked at the other code and its JT565, so 401 it is
  12. BTW, no progress on the no start issue, busy with work and brother's wedding.