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  1. ball & ball peerless special asking 800.00 any questions please call (850) 217-8340
  2. kfm53

    Kaiser Con Rod

    What cyl. do you need 1,3,5 or 2,4,6 they are diff.
  3. Ball & Ball Peerless Special
  4. sounds like Mr. Jordan was a good bus. man
  5. Kaiser Frazer used a 226 Continental Red Seal 1947-1955
  6. kfm53


    This carb. is the penberthy DV ?2 79655 Ball & Ball version
  7. kfm53


    Not able to take pics. It has 2bbl. on top & 2bbl. on the bottom.
  8. kfm53


    4bbl. carb. Brass for Peerless Auto
  9. 1955 chev. 2dr. hard top bel-air power windows,power brakes power seat 265 4bbl. power pack dual exhaust. payed 150.00 for it. drove it 2 years trans. went out sold it for 175.00 WHAT A DEAL.
  10. kfm53

    White carb.

    White carburetor pat. 1911 &1913 model TBC type A Mfd. by the White Co. 200.00
  11. I have a white carb. model tbc type a.
  12. I was just cur. it has been laying here for years. thank you for the help.
  13. Thanks for the reply .I own a model T. this carb. is 3 times as big and diff.