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  1. Maybe aliitle quieter but simular
  2. Yes, The Walker #18240 to me is the best fit. After agonizing over finding the "PERFECT" muffler, thinking I found it with a Magnaflo, only to find out that after I purchased it, that it was a Camaro set-up(In and Out on one end, the other out on the other). I had the Walker installed today and outside of having one of the out ports cut off slightly and a small extension added to the in it lined up fine. I kept my original tail pipes, although you could have two new ones custom bent. Make sure they are Mandrell bent. This Muffler could be put up on the Reatta store site as a good fit. Slightly shorter (17" as compared to 22"). Doesn't need alot of pipe modification to fit and keep the same hangers.
  3. OK. I thought I had found the perfect muffler in size and format in the Magnaflo Performance #14580. To my surprize when I took it to the muffler shop to have it installed. They informed me that it was on in and two out but not at oposite ends. It was a camaro set up wit an In and an Out at one end and the other Out at the other end. When I checked it out at it's discription did not say it had this type of set-up. I even talked with a support person just to clarify and he never said anything. So now it goes back and I have to pay $20.00 shipping because they do not have anything else comparable. So once again I obsessed on my search, called Walker again, gave them some guidelines of what I was looking for and they came up with a part #. I started serching vendors and no one had that part #. Come to find out it was a really old number. I called Walker back and the gave me a new number that was close to the same dimensions. It's a Walker F/X #18240. The In is 2 1/4" off set (just like O/E). The 2 Outs are off set, on the other corner of the other side and are 2" (just like O/E). The dimensions are a little different but as close as I can find. It's 4" x 8" x 17" total 21". I got mine from but you should be able to find it locally in your area. After I get it installed I'll take some picks and show you.
  4. I didn't feel comfortable trusting that the ports could be switched. That is why I contacted Walker and talked to their tech support. He said they cannot be switched. I believe the outs on the original Reatta are 2" and the in is 2 1/4" If your replacement muffler is off by 1/4 or 1/2 an inch you can adjust with adapters. I went with the Magnaflo #14580. You can pick from several dimensions. I picked 5" x 12" x 22" and 28" over all. 2 1/2" in 2 1/4" out. This was the closest to original size that I found. I'm told it will have a low/medium sound.
  5. Thanks Ronnie. Kept on trying to do it like the repair manuel says. Thank you for the quick reply . Steve
  6. I have a 1989 Reatta and I can't figure out how to remove the headrests. I've contacted a couple othe Reatta people and weren't able to help. According to the repair manuel you are supposed to press or push on the plastic tabs at the headrest rods. I've tried and tried but they don't move. Is there some little trick I'm missing. I want to put on seat covers and would rather not have a hole in the top to get over the headrest. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Reatta forever (Steve)
  7. Thanks for the info and the pics. On the muffler I chose the out are seperated but I figure just bring the out, closest to the front of the car, a little farther out from the muffler port so it will line up next to the other one.
  8. Are you able to make the out port by itself on oneside as the in port and make the inport and outport on the same side into both outports, like in Barney Eatons Camaro diagram. The Walker they were showing, in the Reatta store, you couldn't do it that way. Just wondering for other peoples reference.
  9. Hello again, I just checked out your muffler again on a different web site. Amazon apparently is showing a wrong picture. Advance Auto parts show it as one in two out. The dimensions on yours look pretty good. The one I chose was closer to O/E. After I have mine installed next week I'll let you know.
  10. Fox W. I just checked out the Walker #22354. The picture I got was one in one out. I don't know if there is a mix up on the number, or what, but I just decided to go ahead and order The Magnaflo performance muffler #14580 with dimensions of 5"x11"x22" and 28 overall. It is one in two out 2.5 in 2.25 out. Dimension wise is almost the same as the O/E Reatta. I'm told it has moderatate exterior noise.
  11. Ronnie, I checked back with the Reatta store to get the part # for the Flowmaster muffler and it's not there. Can you supply me with the number. Thanks, Steve
  12. I didn't check out the Flowmaster because I was interested in a quieter sound. I can check it out tomorrow.
  13. I checked up on the Walker muffler #18104, in the Reatta store, by calling Walker tech support. They said that you CANNOT switch the in with the out as in Barney Eatons "Camaro installation" setup. Any other muffler brands and corresponding #'s I did come up with one by Magnaflo. Magnaflo performance #18450 with the measurements of 5"x11"x22" overall 28"/ 2.5" in 2.25" out. The in is on one end the 2 outs are on the other. Very close size fit compaired with the O/E Reatta. I've been told with these specific dimensions (You can pick several different) it should be modeately quiet, because of it's length. The shorter length the more loud. Any thoughts? Please share. Thanks, Reatta Forever (Steve)
  14. Does anyone know the camaro muffler brand and part # that best fits the 88' to 90' Reatta. Preferably one in 2 out. Thanks, Reatta Forever
  15. I just replaced my right rear wheel sensor and was a happy camper for a couple of days, but then the ABS light came on again. It was mentioned by Dave89 that if the light goes out during self test. What's the self test? How do you measure the resistance at the ECBM? Which leed is it on the harness? Electrical problems always befudles me. Also where is the pressure switch? I'm thinking possibly an intermittent short or drop in amps to something that is causing the light to come on. The day after it came back on it was off again. /Then yesterday it came on while I was driving. Like someone else said I like my car to not only look good but run and work good. Thanks for any help.
  16. First get the list of ABS codes from I think it's in Padgett's list or in the Reatta Repair manual. Go to the ADLD plug and jump the A and H leads. A is the top left and H is the second from bottom right. Now turn on your car. The ABS light will flash then pause then flash again. Just count the number of flashes before and after the pause. DO NOT COUNT THE ONE WHEN IT TURNS SOLID. Take out the jumper wire and reinsert. Cout the flashes again. Keep taking out the jumper wire and reinserting and count flashes until you get no new codes. So if the ABS light flashes twice, pauses then flashes Three times then goes to solid that is code 23. Mine showed both Right Rear Speed sensor and Left Rear speed sensor. After visual inspection the Left was frayed and cracked. I replaced it and no more ABS light. The repair mamual also speaks about intermittent electrical current supply (like a shorted ground wire) or a slight change in currrent to the system can activate the ABS light. But most the time it's the Wheel speed sensors. Steve
  17. You can get them from the dealer, but they will cost you buck. $170.00 a piece for the rears. When you call a dealer they will tell you they are discontinued or obsolete. Tell them to check the GM obsolete brake producks in Beaverton Ws. They have them. Part # 164648, both sides the same.
  18. To the person with the blank screen on his CRT, If you go on E-bay there is a guy who repairs them for $150.00. Or contact me and I have an extra, fully functioning one I sell for $140.00 plus shipping Steve