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  1. Just a suggestion. List it on Fordbarn. Lots of hotrodders visit that site too. Gives the restorers and rodders a shot at it. Wouldn`t mind seeing better pics of it pushed outside. Not much of the body is showing in your present pics.
  2. I realize I`m new to this forum but it seems like you guys have a realistic idea about restoration vs modification as far as car value impact. I would hate to think I would sell my Coupe because I don`t want to change and it would happen anyway. But once someone pays their money it`s their choice on what happens to the car. I`m a hotrodder and I can`t do it but to buy one closer to what I want, it`s almost the same money. Maybe I`ll put mine in the classifieds eventually when I get bored with it. I own a couple of `29 roadsters and a `30 coupe that are a lot of fun but of course not stock.
  3. Just to show all what is still hiding out there. Found last week in a garage behind the house my friend bought. Definitely not a barn find but that`s ok with me. I took it home...Uhhh, DROVE it home.
  4. Just to clarify the Brookville roller cost. The basic body,doors,decklid,floor is $25,000. The roller is chassis plus hood,grille,shell etc. Sure adds up. . I agree that it`s a gamble to soak your money in an antique car when they are almost as volatile as other markets when trying to guess what will be hot when the time comes to sell plus factoring in maintenance, storage and insurance. My collection is what I like to own and drive but with an eye to what might keep its value in the long run. I`m not perfect at it as I do not own one Hemi, Cobra or Shelby but I`m fortunate enough to be fairly
  5. Not looking at the car in the daylight it`s tough to put a value on it. That said,the present feeding frenzy on `32 coupes is a bit unnerving. I recently ran across a `32 unrestored 5w in driving condition with a repaint on it. It was supposedly acquired from a museum in Indiana and runs/drives very well. I bought it to hotrod and after owning it for about a week , I`m reconsidering my options as I can`t seem to find many people that have even seen a stocker before. My buddies tell me to leave it alone but I really have no use for it as is. There was a `32 5w at Louisville in the swap mee
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