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  1. I have a V12 bare block; Engine numbers: 5H A31622 A147 B2 These are the numbers on the block; if you know this engine to be from something other than a '47 Lincoln, you will get no argument from me; I only was able to find one post on a blog that said they had these numbers, and that was what it was from. How much do I want? I really have no idea what it is worth; obviously more to someone that needs it than someone that only wants it. I only know I have no use for it, and would like to get a fair price, and get it out of my garage. There are no components, no fasteners, nothing else with this; only the bare, rusty, heavy block. If you need it palletized and shipped, we have a major trucking company located within our city, and I would only ask for fair compensation for shipping it. If you are serious about it, send me your location, and I will get a bid for shipping. Message me, and I can send you a few images of it. There is no obvious damage to this block (other than being rusty), at least not to my untrained eye. (I cannot find the images I have of the block, but will find them; just picture a rusty block standing on end, and you should have a fairly accurate picture) Thanks! Jerry
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