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  1. I appreciate you finding that, Bob. Normally, google picks up Ebay stuff at the top of their list. My search must not have been very good. Take care, Jim
  2. Thanks, Digger, I will check that out! Much appreciated!
  3. I have a 1990 V6 TC. The brakes don't work and a mechanic told me it was the power brake booster. I have not been able to find one for sale. I saw someone used an '89 booster from an '89 LeBaron to replace their TC booster. I looked at old threads and saw references to changing the ABS system. Is that something a regular mechanic can do for me? I hate to keep pouring money into my car, but....... Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks, Digger. I was a little concerned they said the actuator was broken. If it was broken, wouldn't both door locks not work immediately upon the actuator breaking? The passenger door lock started making the loud banging noise when you tried to lock it but the driver side door lock worked for a long time. Is replacing the clip difficult? I swore I would never take another door panel off after screwing up the insides of my Fiat door and later on not being able to get an '88 Jaguar panel back on. But, I hate being ripped off by repair shops so I would be willing to give it a try. Thank you for all of your help!
  5. I have the 2.2 4 cylinder Turbo in the TC, about 91K. I am replacing the valve cover gasket but not the timing belt or water pump. We have stopped driving it and it will be immediately for sale. It's a real shame as my mother-in-law put a brand new transmission in it for $4K about 8,000 miles ago.
  6. Thanks! I had a 1971 Fiat I bought in high school. The timing belt went out on the Kansas Turnpike ruining my engine. Towing it back to town cost me a fortune by itself! If there's not a chance for engine damage if it goes out, I hate to put any more money in it. I have enough door dents in it that will probably drain my wallet if I do want to sell it.
  7. When you hit the automatic door lock button, a loud knocking sound happens and the door does not lock. It will lock manually. It was only the passenger door, but now both doors make the same noise. It's a 1990 TC, our repair shop says they cannot find an actuator for it anywhere. Wouldn't this be a standard Chrysler part? TIA! Frustrated in Vegas!
  8. TCBucky - our radio also died. It comes and goes, thought it was the antenna being loose but the shop says it's shorted out. Did you get your replacement radio installed yet and if so, was it very difficult? TIA!
  9. I wanted to thank you and G&G for your great information. I have 91K on the car and a shop is telling me I need to get the timing belt changed, even though they admit the only reason they are saying this is due to the mileage. I also have a valve cover gasket oil leak that they are asking $320 to fix. We are going to try to sell the car soon, should I definitely spend the money to fix the oil leak? Thank you very much!
  10. Stupid me. I went back out and yanked on it hard pulling it straight up. After about three had pulls, there was a small noise. After that, it retracted back in and works fine! Thank you for your suggestion. Apparently, I hadn't pulled hard enough. Take care, Jim
  11. Thank you for your response. Yes, I did pull on it with a couple of hard jabs. There is no play in the belt at all.
  12. Our 1990 TC driver's side seat belt stopped retracting when I pulled on it a little too hard. In looking at our red TC Service Manual, I can get access to the retractor mechanism by removing the small front part of the tonneau cover. Can anybody tell me how to remove this small part of the tonneau where the seat belts go down into? Once, or if, I get to the mechanism, is there anything I can do to fix it? Or, better yet, is there anything I can do to repair the seat belt without having to replace or repair the retractor mechanism? It obviously is quite dangerous to drive without a seat belt that works. Thank you in advance, Jim in Vegas
  13. Thank you for your reply and the advice. I believe that was done 6 weeks ago with the cleaning of the fuel system. My wife can't find the paperwork, so I will have to ask my mechanic. Take care, Jim
  14. I have a 90 V6, 86K. Six weeks ago we had the fuel line cleaned out and the fuel filter replaced as the car was stalling frequently. Now, the engine started missing terribly, stalled out, and was difficult to start. Also, I did have a little black smoke from the exhaust. My mechanic says it needs a new fuel pressure regulator as it is running rich and also burnt out the spark plugs. They also want to replace the two fuel hoses around the regulator. (living in Vegas, I assume belts and hoses don't last as long) Is there anything else we should have done while the car is in the shop, especially related to the fuel pressure regulator? The TC is now a daily use car since my wife's 2002 Sebring water pump leaked causing a blown head gasket & oil sludge problems forcing us to part the car out. We just want to be proactive since previously we didn't know about the common 2.7L problems that caused early engine failures. Thanks in advance, Jim
  15. Hi, I have had a shop work on my 90 V6 TC and do a fairly good job, south Henderson. I have trusted them with our other cars. I would be curious to know if you found anyone. Jim Kruger 702-269-2333
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