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  1. I just had the same issue on a 25 BS the housing was through the frame brace from the front, i shall reinstall it the same way but seems backwards..... does anyones mount differently?
  2. im here for good well im forty not sure how many "good" years i got left lol im a BD owner for life on first of many
  3. We are in east Parker off tomahawk howdy neighbor lol what time you going up Saturday? I have.t talked to him yet but would love to go up with a flatbed empty and maybe come back wiih a flat bed full...im working on my first antique project 25 sedan sounds like your pretty seasoned at it sure could use some advice on resources
  4. Keith wow we are neighbors im also a Parker guy...did he have any complete trucks im so wanting a truck..i think it will motivate me to finish my 25 quicker
  5. selling antique parts collection going to look for parts this weekend i think. anyone see anything that stands out they might want or might be worth bringing back?
  6. havent called someone might be intersestedhttp://denver.craigslist.org/cto/2936437733.html
  7. must be batteries this advertisement has identical text font
  8. the willard tag must have been the model of battery the only thing i can find would be willard batteries from the 19020s
  9. I posted the Willard tag hoping to get some feedback I search and found nothing not sure what it is will post wiper motor in a few
  10. ya i got it mike that pic was before i read your post i went out and took it off a few minutes ago the cover and valence are now off body comes off tomorrow...whats the best source for engine rebuild kits and transmission parts
  11. mike yup learned my second lesson first was posting pictures. Next question the box shown on the back was that a option or someones attempt at a trunk? has anyone else seen one of these before i like it very functional but wanna make the car correct
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