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  1. Don't think a "link" will be much good, you'll have to call. I walked around on top of spark plugs, gaskets, piston rings and who knows what else littering the floors and they were still in thier original boxes. Flat glass for old head lights.......on and on..what a sight. If you visit the place take a flash light cause there is only one overhead bare bulb in the "warehouse" krb3 36 Chevy Coupe
  2. I stopped in this place the other day looking for parts for my chevy. I didn’t come across what I needed but I could have spent all day rummaging around the place. I did notice that they had stacks of wooden parts for the 20’s and 30’s autos still in the boxes and looked like they were new. Don’t know their prices.....we’re talking a junk yard here and business doesn’t look like it was booming. Just thought you guys out there would like to know! Antique Auto Ranch (509) 535-77892225 N Dollar Rd Spokane Valley, WA 99212
  3. Originally my car only had the driver side light. I just was thinking of adding the other while the work is going on but like you, I believe the price is too high. I can’t find a license plate lens for the one I have…any ideas?
  4. I need a 1936 tail light arm and bucket for my coupe (complete ass’y). Car is being restored as we speak. Will bumper guards for a ‘37’ fit the orig. ‘36’ bumper?
  5. krb3

    Chevy engine help

    Oracle, Thanks for the help! It clears up my questions. I have asked suppliers of parts but get little response. This has got to be the best forum around! Krb3
  6. krb3

    Chevy engine help

    I have run into a little bit of a stump and maybe one of you could help me. The Chevy engine installed in my car has an I.D. # DBA 273709 and the block casting # ((?) under the valve cover) is 839401. So far I know the following (at least I think I do): the “D” = 1946, “B”= ?, “A”= Flint, MI, 273709= the production no. #839401 leads me to believe that it may be of a different vintage. Right or wrong?
  7. I have an old Studebaker tube radio that I removed from my 36 Chevy. It’s a Studebaker/Philco model # AC-2686 with attached speaker. Don’t know what it is worth, if anything. It was working about a month ago before I started breaking my car down for restoration. It should ship for the $15.95 the Post office wants. Make me a fair offer?
  8. I have a 1946 216 Chevy 6 that was rebuilt and installed years ago in my 36 coupe. The owner said he reset the speedo to ‘0’ at that time. It now has 7400 miles and is a strong runner. Yesterday I was visiting an old ‘restorer’ and he mentioned that there is a simple modification to the engine that circulates the oil via a simple tube attached by adding two tapped holes. Supposedly this modification helps the splash system on these old engines and extends their life. Does anyone know of this mod., and how/ where are the new tapped holes should be located?
  9. I have decided to try a 3-sided metal "box" around the pillar, drill to match the old holes and sandwich the wood pillar with new bolting....if that won't work I'll drop back and try a new approach. At this point it looks to be the easy way out. We’ll see. My car is a 1217 and the 576th built in the K.C. plant. Sometimes it appears that the car was put together with whatever was handy, i.e. onside does not match the other. All the interior parts to the doors are original and have not been replaced but do not match from one side to the other. Read somewhere that is the way it was done in the "Old Days". Thanks for the help and may end up what 'neemot' says, getting the old pillars out would be quite a chore. The car became the horseless carriage because they all went into glue to make these cars!
  10. I noticed today that the doors were sagging on my coupe. It appears that an owner has tried to weld the hinge to the door frame since the wood screws have stripped loose. I would like to replace the wood with metal if poss. but would consider new wood. need help finding the right source for either.
  11. krb3

    1936 coupe carb.

    I have purchased four carbs from e-bay and so far I got four that I cannot remove the screws from the cast bodies..therefore; I am skeptical to say the least. Need someone I can trust and you folks seem to be the right people so far. I will get the car home and in my garage today and can better assess my problems. I would also like to get my hands on a original continental kit cover if anybody knows of one. Thanks for your help, I’m sure I will need more. Krb3
  12. krb3

    1936 coupe carb.

    I need a Carter 420S or 569S one bbl for my coupe. Needs to be good rebuildable, or rebuilt condition (all casting screws removable).
  13. Didn't pay attention at the time but sure was 2008. Still got it?
  14. Could be interested in the 420S if still available. Will all the threaded parts un thread from the cast body? Thanks