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  1. Hi all Ive changed my mind on a few things. This has become a circus in the last week. I now have the car listed for $28000 FIRM and I have some much better pictures. I pulled out the car and verified that the engine turns over. I also have some pics of the frame and underside of the fenders. The only rot I found was where the drivers running board meets the rear fender and its not that bad. Check out the new pics on the Hemmings ad. Zip
  2. I'm sorry I haven't been back to check in sooner. I started a new job building a natural gas pumping station (I'm an IBEW electrician by trade) and going back to running rigid pipe from an extent ion ladder has kicked my ass. I've had 12 inquiries about the car in 3 days. I'm now sorting thru the BS and talking to people. I now realize how great it is to discuss cars with another car lover. This car doesn't need to be sold anytime soon so I'm just going with the flow. I will be taking some better and more detailed pics this weekend and will certainly share them with you all. I will also post some pics of my 53 CJ3B. I think you will enjoy them. Zip
  3. Title found!!!! I realize now my father was a borderline hoarder.....if there is such a thing. Zip
  4. My biggest problem right now is the title. I know he had one but I cant seem to put my hands on it.....now what??? Zip
  5. Just so you all know Im still here. Im soaking up all this info like a big sponge. I would love to keep the car and restore it as my father intended to do 40 years ago. Unfortunatley he left us 5 collectable cars and a few uncollectable cars. I have my favorites and the 32 5 window coupe isnt one of them.....I dont know why....I just dont like the car. Fortunately for me it appears to be the most valuable one left behind. I want to use part of the proceeds from it to finish one of my Jeep projects and then get the 36 Ford 3 window coupe street rod back on track. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate the info you've given me. Zip
  6. Great points! The considering offers doesn't sound so good when you put it that way. Thanks for the good honest advice. Zip
  7. You can quote me as saying...."Holy crap!!!" Im going to be advertising it in Hemmings Motor News. Im still on the fence about asking price but based on all the information Ive gained from this website I think Im going to just accept offers. I got some real good advice to let the market set the price. Im not selling it because I need the money. I also have a 61 Willys Wagon and a 1990 Chevy Stepside to figure out a price and list. I will be keeping the 1936 Ford 3 window street rod, the 1966 Chevy II 2 door sedan and the restored 1953 Willys CJ3B. You can now see Im almost overwhelmed by this. This isnt even mentioning the slew of old engines and body parts all over the garage. I just found an original 283 with bellhousing for a 1957 chevy. Again...I need to find a value. Thanks for the messages and all the help. I will be lurking around this group for a long time. A great group with a ton of info to pass on ZIP
  8. I would love someone to get this and restore it. Ive been told that my mother was very pregnant with me when my dad bought this and it rode so hard she was sure her water would break on the way home. That was 42 years ago...:-) Ive certainly enjoyed the discussion about this car. I thank you all for your input. Tomorrow I will post a couple pics of the 1936 Ford 3 window coupe thats scattered about in my fathers garage. Its got a 350 chevy engine with muncie close ratio 4 speed. Needs alot of work to finish..... Zip
  9. You win the prize John. There is a piece of plastic covering the hole in the roof to keep the critters out. This will all come to light when I can get it out of storage for better pics. Zip
  10. There is a title to the car. I think my father was the second owner. I have no idea about the battery position, horn or bumper but once its a nicer day I will drag it out of storage and get better pics. And yes.....there was some vinyl siding on top of the car that is in the pics. Lenn
  11. I couldnt post the pictures of my 1932 Ford here (size issue) so I uploaded them to a free image hosting website. Here is the address : Zip's Page - Image Hosting Check them out and post your opinions. Lenn (Zip)
  12. Wow....some great advice in less than 24 hours. I am quite impressed. I was planning on getting some good pics of the car today but its a rainy day here in northeast PA. I am going to grab my wifes good camera and head over and see what I can do without moving the car. I will post them here as soon as I get them. Thank you all for your responses. One of the other cars left behind is a 1936 Ford 3 window coupe street rod that needs to be finished. I would love to finish it in memory of my father. I remember helping my father work on it as a child....good memories. Lenn
  13. Thank you for the response. Im thinking tomorrow I may be able to hook my quad on the 32 and drag it out into the sunlight and snap some pics. I appreciate the help Lenn
  14. Hi all- My name is Lenn. I live in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania. May 11 2011 I lost my father to cancer. He was diagnosed with adnocarcinoma (spelling??) and within 5 weeks was gone. Needless to say my heart is broken. He left me several old cars. A couple I will keep but a couple will need to go due to space limitations . The first to go will be an all original 1932 Ford 5 window coupe. Its complete - been in storage for 45 years. Any ideas where I can get a good value for a 80 year old car??? Or even where to start??? Lenn
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