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  1. Would be interested in a complete set of front bumper brackets. I have a bumper. Also, usable radiator with cap.
  2. Did not get a reply. Mine are original not running with no bed. Probably years in the future for restoration.
  3. Thank you but I am trying to sell the items that I have. Art.
  4. Thanks for the info. I just checked and they don`t have originals or copies of the Studebaker Service Reference Library. Art.
  5. If you are still looking for the 1927 Reference Library I have most of it for sale. It is posted as of 3 weeks ago on the forum.
  6. I need a good exhaust manifold for my `31 model 70 8 cyl. Part#171295. If you have one that is connected to the intake that is fine. No cracks please in the exhaust side. Also the triangular exhaust pipe gasket #167287. `31 &`32 Dictator and the `30-`31 &`32 Comm. are the same. Thanks.
  7. I have a factory new, in the box, never installed, complete air conditioning system. All brackets, hoses, compressor and dash unit. No gas with unit. $500 OBO plus shipping from Cal.
  8. It should be noted that this add of $50 is for each item. Sorry for the error.
  9. All are Delco Remy or Remy. #720 M `25-`26 ER, `26-`27 Std 6, `28 Std 6-Lt 6, `29 GE Dict. #720-N, same as above. #712-G `28-`29 Erskin mdl. 51&52, also `27 mdl. 50. Above are starters. Generator. #941L, `26-`27 Big&Spcl. 6, EQ Spcl. 6, `27 ES Big & Pres., `27 EW Big& Comm. `27-`28 EB Comm. No coupler on shaft. All are used, non tested. The armatures turn over. No visible damage. All appear rebuildable. Sold AS-IS. $50 plus Priority shipping.
  10. Just found your add from 10 years ago. I have a `32 also and a `33 for parts. Do you still have it or?
  11. I have the following volumes: #1 Front axle,steering gear, rear axle, propeller shaft, all models. Original binder. Thru P 295. #2 Brakes, chassis, body misc.all models. Original binder. Thru P 141. #3 Missing #4 Missing #5 Erskine 6. Xerox copy only. 3 ring binder. Single sided pages. Thru P 100-A. #6 Transmission & clutch. All models. Original binder. Thru P 161. #7 Electric equipment. All models. Original binder. Thru P 91. #8 Service tools. Original binder. Thru P 75. $175 OBO plus shipping.
  12. I am trying to complete collection of ASR. I need Vol. 19, #3 & 4. Please contact me with price. Thanks, Art in Cal.
  13. Am trying to complete my collection of the Review. I need Vol. 19 #3 Sept-Oct and #4 Nov-Dec 1989. lucky7@syix.com. I have a lot of extra ASR`s for trade or sale. Let me know. Art in Cal.
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