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  1. got your message re Chrysler 66 but cant reply text me 0412711736 George
  2. Ok, enquired as I have a six cylinder cam shaft
  3. Hi, Is the cam shaft for a six or a four cylinder.
  4. Wanted to buy : Lucas Generator to suit 1955 MG TF 1500 ( C39 PV 2 DA 41) 22265 B Turn Signal relay suit MG TF tin lid type 8 terminals Pretty well at the desperate stage Thanks
  5. And I wish you all the best, it certainly is a wonderful venture. Regards and best wishes George
  6. G/day Tim, Yours I suppose should be the same as my 66, all I do is make sure the cork or neoprene is thick enough to squeeze under the keeper on the sump ( where the cork fits) then make it long enough to just be about a 1/8 above the sump gasket a generous squirt of a good sealer ( I use the black Toyota stuff) in each corner where the sump gasket and the cork meet, never had a leak, Regards George
  7. A friend dropped some copper Head Gaskets today all are new most in good condition, check if they suit your car. Mowog: 1A469 1A604 2A971 Mopar: 1327338 Payne: 293 Payne: 435 PYCN : 537 ?? Payne: 1A109 Victor: 788 Victor: 685 Victor: 513 9200 AEC: 798 Fiat: 1400 817075 Regards george
  8. A long time ago 20 years plus I was living in Kalgoorlie WA, I had and still have a Chrysler 66 on one of my Chrysler hunting trips which usually came about by someone telling me about an old car in the bush that looked like my Chrysler anyway on one trip up through Kookynie and Yilgangie I was in the bush looking for the said car when I came across an old camp, there was nobody around although it looked lived in so I was very cautious as to my actions but I could not help noticing the headlight of an old car through a lean to make shift door, peering in I could see it was a Lagonda but not knowing the models of these cars or anything about them I could not identify the model. I waited quite a while but nobody turned up and I was running out of light and had to get back to Kalgoorlie, I never went back because I was never really interested in this make of car, silly me, I often wonder if it is still there. Regards George
  9. Tacho drive assemble or parts, ( small gear and front plate has grease nipple) also looking for a decent front bumper less overriders. Thanks George
  10. This scammer jim etc etc @ Hotmail etc contacted me regarding my post wanted wire wheels for my 1930 Chrysler 66 he said he was from Arkansas, I played with him for awhile then said I have friends in Little Rock and they can come and have a look at the wires, never heard from him again
  11. Thanks to you both, hope you have a good one, yes Jeff you right, countra rotating props, it's a Fairey Gannet, seats three. regards george
  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to everyone Thanks to all the wonderful people that I have met on this forum and who have helped me in one way or another God Bless you all and your Families George
  13. G/day Bob, Mate I am afraid I do not have any photos of the wire wheels needed for my Chrysler as you can see in the attach photo my Chrysler 66 has steel disc wheels, these are original and came with the car when purchased new
  14. Thanks fella's, appreciate your replies being from Australia it would be somewhat difficult for me to collate a wheel here and a wheel there, I really need to find someone with a complete set ready to bolt on. Once again I thank you for your input regards
  15. need at least 4 in good condition container leaving in Jan 2014
  16. Thanks Tim, will consider that if nothing turns up Regards
  17. If you don't need the money Marty just send it out to me Regards from Aus.
  18. I was Saddened to hear this heart breaking news, so many young lives lost, my Condolences to their Family and Friends. George Perth Aus
  19. Thanks for that, Harry's the man but i cannot contact him, do you have an email address for him the one he posted on the Chrysler club site does not work for me
  20. Anyone know where to get Bonnet or Hood props***, steel bar that bolts to main bonnet stay bars you pull them out (whatever side of the engine your working on) and sit the edge of the bonnet on it, a seller harry bishop did make them but no longer on the radar *** not sure this is the correct name