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  1. 1940 Buick Limited Series 81 4 Door Sedan. This is a beautiful low mileage original car that came from the Len Immke collection. This car has 21,000 original miles on it, it is rust free, solid and runs like a champ. She is a beautiful dark blue (Rainier Blue) and has light blue interior. It appears that it was repainted at some point, but I'm not sure of when. There have been mild updates as necessary. There is also some fading of the trim around the windows. This car does not have a factory radio. I attempted to get pictures of the data plate in the engine compartment, but they are very hard
  2. That color looks great on the 1940 as well!
  3. I know it's been posted for awhile, but that is super nice Grant!
  4. I was just kidding about the ground-up comment, the car is way too nice for that. My goal is to make it as reliable as possible with keeping it original. We would like to be able to do a short tour or two next summer. Cars need exercise, it keeps them healthy my friend.
  5. I'm really disappointed hearing about your experience. Most car collectors are very respectful of others. I guess I've been pretty fortunate with my purchases. I feel that when you sell a collector vehicle, the car should be cleaned up, all parts boxed up and ready to go, all information and receipts in order, and inform the possible buyer what problems they may want to address. Even though a seller needs to unload a vehicle for whatever reason. that vehicle might be the buyers dream car. and that buyers feelings and time should be respected. I hope you find what you're looking for. Best wishe
  6. What was the correct coating on the exhaust manifolds? Now I'm thinking I should sell my other stuff and just do a ground -up resto.
  7. I guess the most important parts of re-assembly is assuring the mating surfaces are as flush as possible, the mounting nuts don't back-off (bellevilles) and proper sealing of 3 piece exhaust manifold. I would assume that both gaskets have their positives and negatives, I bet the copper gasket is much thicker and probably better long-term if its installed perfectly, the composite gasket may be a little more forgiving if conditions aren't right but may not be as durable long term. I like your fireplace gasket sealer idea. What is that stuff made of? Also wonder why they made the exhaust manifold
  8. It looks like there's a choice between copper and composite on the manifold to head gaskets. I wonder which is best. The plate on my exchanger is siezed in the open position (warm). I will fix this after I tear it apart, but I wonder if keeping it in the open position is o.k. if I'm primarily driving it in warm weather. I checked the drain tube to make sure it wasn't sucking air through it, but still need to make sure the check is functioning properly (good call on your part). I read that graphite sealer is used on those manifold joints, but I'm not familiar with that stuff. I will definetly u
  9. My car does not have an antenna, speaker, or radio. It does have the proper delete panel with the "buttons". It would be cool to have the original radio set-up, but wouldn't I have to cut the roof sheet metal to install the antenna assembly? My plan for now is to use a portable CD player and not mess with anything, as I have enough on my plate in regards to getting the car where I want it. My next project is to remove the leaky manifolds and see what's going on with them. I can feel an exhaust leak with my hand at the rear manifold, and I'm sure the intake has a vacuum leak also. Does anyone k
  10. That must be what I was seeing. Oddly enough, someone ordered my big and kind of expensive buick without a radio back in 1940. Maybe they didn't want to hear what was going on in Europe while they were driving.
  11. Sorry I haven't had time to respond (stupid job thing). I checked out pics of your car Bigdogdaddy and it looks very nice. What is the knob above the rear view mirror for? Federal Express is delivering a new Lester WWW tire today to replace the original spare. The spare looks like brand new but it's hard as a rock. Think I'll clean it up and mount a neon clock in the center of it and hang it in the garage.
  12. I' m going to attempt to load some pics.
  13. If it's not too much trouble, I would be interested in a spare also. If you could let me know when you decide to tear into it that would be appreciated. If you could get it done for the original price of $1.60, heck, I'll take 50 of them:)
  14. That poor Buick sustained quite a bit of damage. Really good quality photo though!
  15. O.K., I checked out what you were referring to, and luckily all of the clutch and brake linkage components are like new and well lubricated with very minimal play. I wonder if there's enough guys out there that might be interested in having a batch of those cast. It might be well worth the investment. I would be willing to pitch in as it does not hurt to have spares.
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