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  1. Every time I did I just put two slings one front one back ,6 ft I think.
  2. I sure would like the winding and setting parts,just has not been a priority .
  3. Sorry for time it to for me to get back. I had holes in the trunk bottom that lined up with the rack spacing ,found a rubber mount at princess auto (Canada).
  4. if the packing has not been turned give it a turn, or replace the packing,do not be anal they do always leak a bit'
  5. Thanks i was looking for shoe polish in the house last night,found some .Yes very happy with the trunk look, thought the back looked bare without it,nice when it just falls in your lap thanks.
  6. Well it stopped raining,so here is a pic,i like it.
  7. Thanks for your kind words,love you pics will post one with the trunk on, if it ever stops raining .ya nothing like going down a bucket list,did the fast sports car sold that,keeping the harley for a while .dont go in the ground with unfinished dreams.thanks,ya i like the trunk look on the car ,it will stay,it did come with a trunk rack.
  8. cant see the rack holding water there is like 30 holes in it,but could flip it back over if need be .the trunk and rack are the same size just dose not fit inside.the lid when open is not at all close to the body so that is no problem,an it is easier to fuel than with the rack in the other position .think it looks good anyway if not will sell and move on ,just always wanted one,got a lot of things on my bucket list.a least it will be one less.
  9. i got lucky a found a trunk for my 57s,have flipped the rack upside down ,bow to the back,do u just put some oak slats under the rack to attach ?
  10. nice,looks like the hood hinge strip has just came of at the back ,i would step up and pay 10 at least.dont like the paint,cloth,but,nice.still hard to get what these old buicks are really worth.
  11. hay all i am Ray ,read the forum daily but dont often post ,i have learned so much on this site and find the storeys and pics quite entertianing .i m in vancouver canada building a 32 57s maglauglin need to build a moter to finish this car
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