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  1. Every time I did I just put two slings one front one back ,6 ft I think.
  2. I sure would like the winding and setting parts,just has not been a priority .
  3. Sorry for time it to for me to get back. I had holes in the trunk bottom that lined up with the rack spacing ,found a rubber mount at princess auto (Canada).
  4. if the packing has not been turned give it a turn, or replace the packing,do not be anal they do always leak a bit'
  5. If the paint chips it is to thick,just assemble and touch up.
  6. yes the original paint would be lacquer,so good paint thinner will soften it up all other paints will wrinkle.i would carefully remove layers of paint to find the stock color ,and match that, colors in those years are simple for a paint store to match.see if you can find a spot 3x3 inch and polish it up ,between the fender and the body maybe.
  7. Thanks i was looking for shoe polish in the house last night,found some .Yes very happy with the trunk look, thought the back looked bare without it,nice when it just falls in your lap thanks.
  8. Well it stopped raining,so here is a pic,i like it.
  9. Thanks for your kind words,love you pics will post one with the trunk on, if it ever stops raining .ya nothing like going down a bucket list,did the fast sports car sold that,keeping the harley for a while .dont go in the ground with unfinished dreams.thanks,ya i like the trunk look on the car ,it will stay,it did come with a trunk rack.
  10. cant see the rack holding water there is like 30 holes in it,but could flip it back over if need be .the trunk and rack are the same size just dose not fit inside.the lid when open is not at all close to the body so that is no problem,an it is easier to fuel than with the rack in the other position .think it looks good anyway if not will sell and move on ,just always wanted one,got a lot of things on my bucket list.a least it will be one less.
  11. i got lucky a found a trunk for my 57s,have flipped the rack upside down ,bow to the back,do u just put some oak slats under the rack to attach ?
  12. hello,can you send pics,price.i am in canada.raykoreman@shaw.ca
  13. I went looking through my old parts i found a interesting piece that might solve my problem,
  14. There should be a leather cover over the ball to catch the oil,mine leaks about a once after it is parked after a hour of driving,just add more,thicker the better.i think they always will leak,have seen pics of really nice one with spill trays under them.
  15. a long time ago.i did mine,first undo the rear shakle and slide torque tube back and off to side,then drop trany,next seperate bellhosing in the car,now moter can exit,put back in get moter close to fire wall and put bell housing back back on from inside car.or take out the stearing box.
  16. mine was 5/16 hex,and buy the patina i would say org
  17. i also have been looking,there is one on ebay ,search 31 buick,but needs a lot of work.need to see more pics.
  18. i saw one on this guys table next time i go back will try to buy.not sure 50 or 60
  19. This is a pic of the original and the reproduction on my 32 Mclaughlin
  20. i cant do that ether ,we bought a 36 ford he had .so going back to gather it up i will pay him ,and try to move it on .in the spring,or add it to my pile.
  21. pretty sure it is 50 series ,all the part look the same as mine ,will go back and get the small stuff,but the fenders are quite large to deal with.
  22. someone called today,they rodded a 32 coupe 15 years ago ,wanted to know if i wanted some more parts,i am running out of room,so will post some pics for him,he dosnt use a computer,keep in mind these parts are close to vancouver canada.one good rear bumper,painted purple,four fenders,front ,two with wells.
  23. is there a big difference between 30 31 32 ? you can post pics you know.
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