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  1. I came across a '66 rivi with an unusual door opener on the inside. There are two handles on the door. The normal location for the front passenger/driver and there is also one at the rear of the door for the people in the back to open the door without reaching to the forward handle. I've never seen this and have asked a couple of friends on this. They've never heard of this either. If anyone knows, is it possible to take this inside panel from this car and install it in my conventional Rivi, or do I have to install the complete door? Thank you in advance as always.
  2. I'm looking for a replacement rear end for my '66 rivi. I've found two wrecking yards that have them. One says the '67 will be a direct swap, and the other yard says it is not. Anyone have any confirmation either way on this? Thank you
  3. Found one at opgi.com. These guys were great. The price was cheaper than buying it from the manufacturer with their volume discount.
  4. Recently had the same problem with my car. All it was? I removed the relays, cleaned all connections, made good grounds and it came back to life.
  5. I came across a '66 riviera with different door panels than mine. It has the hard plastic doors as mine, but it has a door handle at the rear of the panel for the rear passenger to open the door for exiting. Can the mechanics of this door with the panel replace my plain jane doors? Thanks, don
  6. Hello: Just took my car to the local shop and they can't source the parts for my 66 riviera. It has a 9.5 ring diameter, 2.79 ratio and has bolt in axles. Anyone know who might carry parts for this anomaly? Thank you, Don
  7. Am in need of a radiator for my 66 Riviera. 425 nailhead without air cond. My fill cap is on the drivers side and the lower hose is on the drivers side. The passenger side has the upper hose. None of the local shops has this item. Anyone know where I can get the correct radiator? Thanks, Don
  8. It looks like it's different. Found the issue. There are two lag bolts toward the middle rear that hold a bracket down. This bracket arcs forward to the front. I was looking at the front. Removed bolts, got enough clearance to pul the carpets out. Thanks
  9. Have another issue. This car's kickdown wires were disconnected. I found the wires from the solenoid on the tranny, but can't find where the other set of wires are supposed to be connected to. Thanks again
  10. Hello All, Back for help again. I'm putting in new carpet on this car and can't figure how to remove the floor console. I removed the two screws in the rear, but can't find how it's attached in the middle to front. I suppose I just need to lift it a couple of inches at least. All help appreciated. Regards to all, Don
  11. The car only has 96000 miles on it. It was my nephews and it's been sitting in dry storage for eight years. I got it fired up and it sounds great. There's a lot of oil gunk on the pan below typical of that era car. That's why I want to change all the do-able gaskets and see what happens. I agree with you.... if it had excessive miles, I'd just rebuild the engine,but I think the mileage is not that bad. Thanks for the tips. Don
  12. Hello All, Are there any tricks to removing the oil pan on a '66 Riviera (425 engine)? Just got this car running and want to change the gasket. Most cars I've had to raise the engine an inch or two. Thank you in advance. Don
  13. HI All. On ebay is a person selling what he claims is a "42 Dodge coupe. I believe it's a '46 but he says it's titled a "42. Anyone know if this is correct? If so, I'd think this would be a valuable car due to a newer body and older title. Below is the listing. Thanks, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Other-DODGE-B-COUPE-BUSINESS-COUPE-1942-dodge-b-coupe-mopar-barn-find-rat-rod-gasser-project-/261593924179?forcerrptr=true&hash=item3ce8368253&item=261593924179&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  14. forgot to mention that trunk has carpeting. Don't want to pull unless the sender is there......