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  1. Thanks Daniel I'll replace it this week hope it's the problem keep you guys updated
  2. @ronnie tested for spark yesterday with spark tester there was no spark I just replaced crank shafts position sensor as well any suggestions now?
  3. I'm checking the fuel pressure today when I get off work update u in a hour or so how do I check for spark @ronnie
  4. I been having problems getting it to crank over keeps cranking with no start I noticed 2 wires that lead up to manifold from crank shaft position sensor touching I separated wires car started up then when I tried to restart car doesn't do anything just keeps cranking I changed my crank position sensor still the same symptoms any suggestions anyone?? ... thank you
  5. Padgett the insulation around wire failed both wires were touching any suggestions ?
  6. Hi I have a 1990 Buick reatta that cranks but no start I noticed 2 wires that go from crank shaft sensor exposed and touching together by the manifold separated wires and retaped them car started up right after... .next morning tried to start up keeps cranking no start any suggestions what might of happened???
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