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  1. I am now auctioning off a used mid 1960's Chevrolet cruise/speed control unit from my 1965 Chevy Impala. Go on ebay and you will find it there. The unit is complete with all the extra brackets, harnesses and switchs/relay. It is missing the speedometer cables which is an easy purchase at any parts store. I will put a link to take you there a little later today. Good luck bidding
  2. I have all parts minus the extra speedo cable that goes from the transmission to the device. When I bought the vehicle 3 months ago it was the only part not included. The speedo cable that hooks the transmission to the device has two large ends that are identical not one large end and one small end like the speedo cable that goes from the speedomter gauge to the transmission. here is a photo after removing it and wiping it down. The unit is rust free and ready to install. I never checked to see if it worked because I never purchased the other speedo cable as I planned on removing the uni
  3. I want to sell my 1965 impala cruise/speed control unit and do not know how much it is worth. I have all the parts to include the control arms, harnesses, sensor switch and clip, and mounting brackets. Does anyone have an idea what it is worth????
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