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  1. Well, I'd like to, but that sounds awfully optimistic. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Once I realized how extensive the bondo work was I decided to limit the scope of my exterior shell work. I'm patching some of the more "structural" bits like posts, but I'm trying to stay away from anything too visible. I'd love to go further with that work, but it'll take time and money I don't have right now, and can largely be done at a later date if I find the resources I need. But yeah, I did the floor pans before I did anything visible. And thank god, it turns out I'm not a very good welder yet.
  3. It only took me two years to sort out the wiring harness! ... ... ... Okay well, really, I found all the bad grounds, and the lights all work. I'll take my victories. Since then I polished up some new ralleye rims for the front, and learned to mig weld so that I could patch the floor up, and rebuild the side posts and some small patches on the body. My welds aren't great, and it took me a lot more work to find weld points in the body... bondo bondo bondo... there's a lesson in there somewhere. This poor car is a learning experience for me, and it's going to be a "driver" when I'm done. My fixes aren't all approved, and I wish they could be better... but they'll work, and they'll see this car on the road soon now. I have a really hard time deciding not to do everything perfectly, it goes against the way I want to work, but the deeper I look the more money the car wants, and I just want her running. Maybe this summer I'll be on the road. From here I need to toss in a carpet, bolt the seats back down, rebuild the dash and the stereo system.... and then with some minor engine tuning I might be done. (Avoiding unforseen circumstances)
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'll check that out. The chrome is okay on them, so I might be able to make some headway doing it like this. The paint on the one I pictured is so bad that I don't have much to lose anyway.
  5. Yeah, they're just stamped plastic, with paint on the back side. The paint has flaked off with time and age. Otherwise they're in good shape though. Thanks for the information. I'll try my hand at touching up the paint, and if that fails, I suppose I'm off to try to buy some used ones.
  6. Hey folks. I just finished cleaning up some ralleye rims for my car. I'm fairly happy with the result, but the center caps are still looking pretty sad. (Even sadder now that the rims are shining.) Does anyone have any tips for restoring these? Thanks!
  7. I can make my garage look like that too, but I need a nap and a beer by the time I'm done pushing everything out into the yard.
  8. Very nice cars. Makes me wish I had a few thousand more dollars bills lying around. Hope the health stuff looks up soon.
  9. This is where I stalled on my project. For the last year or so I've been going through every wire in the car, because every last one of them looks like that... or worse. Swapped a couple harnesses out for old but more intact copies, and fixed some splicing where I couldn't find new harnesses. I haven't yet had the time or expertise to finish. I'm still chasing some weird ground issues, the electrical is behaving as though it's possessed by ghosts. Awful finnicky stuff wiring.
  10. I hope the website is properly archived and sustained. I've learned from old threads long after the people posting in them had moved on. It's not hard to imagine someone ten or twenty years from now digging through old threads and picking up valuable information. If we do this right the information, pictures, and discussions here should still be available long after old cars have rusted away to nothing but memories. Archive properly, and what we have here is worth its weight in gold. Also why I'm glad people bother to document their experiences (successes AND failures) and their restoration processes. I started to document my car's recovery here in the hopes that someone like me would learn from it eventually... it's stalled for now, but I'll be picking it up again when I get back on track.
  11. Hey yeah, get in touch if you pass through. Never hurts to meet people that share an interest.
  12. Sometimes project milestones can be a long way apart as well.
  13. All my complaints come from INSIDE the house. I think I'd rather fight the government.
  14. More north! I'm out by Athabasca, about 150km north of Edmonton. Pretty out of the way for most purposes, but that's part of the charm to me. Less convenient now that we have to drive in to the Cross and various specialists for medical stuff every second hour, but hey, so it goes.
  15. I don't know you, but my little family just went through that. The lady is recovering now, and all is well. So know that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. It'll be a tough road, so stay sane and relaxed. Can't say that a year of trips to the cancer institute helped speed up my car restoration, but hey, I keep hearing that there are more important things in the world.
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