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  1. Well I'm sure impressed. Give me the same time, money and tools and I wouldn't get half as much work done.
  2. My wiring was a mess in the "before" state, but I took a stack of digital photos anyway. I do not regret it. Every once in a while it has helped get me closer to the "after" stage, even if the finished product is a long way off yet. The little woman decided that she'd snoop through my camera and see what kind of exciting photos I had on there, I'm not sure what she expected but she was sure surprised to find out. I've been figuring out every single wire individually using a multimeter and a little bit of patience. It's terrible, but I'm learning a lot. ("Why the hell is there an actuator on th
  3. "It'll be an investment. This thing is only going to increase in value." Some girls can actually light furniture on fire with their eyes. It's amazing.
  4. Looks great by the way, I have to agree with everyone else. Inspiring.
  5. Thanks for the great advice. Things are limping along, and if all goes well I might even have a running car before I'm old and grey. Mostly thanks to this forum. The frame sure looks totally solid to me, but I'll find out for sure once I wire brush the surface rust away and get everything cleaned up. I'm betting it's normal flex, but I figured it was worth checking before I accidentally do something stupid and bend my car into a pretzel.
  6. I've got one of those stupid questions you hear about. I've never put an entire vehicle up entirely on four jack stands before, or dealt with such a damn long car. How much flex is normal in an old, 17' long Buick like mine? When up on jackstands, the doors don't open properly. It all seems to flex back and works when I set it down, but I'd like to make sure that this isn't a warning sign that my frame is decrepit or something.
  7. Hey welcome. You should put up some pictures, I'd love to see the thing. You sound like you're kind of in my position as far as the project goes. Baby steps get the job done eventually though.
  8. This makes me feel better about the work ahead in my project.
  9. Seconded. I'll be doing this over the winter sometime, so it's good to have the information. Does anybody know how feasible it is to replace factory rivets in the lift arms? Mine has a missing rivet or two that have been replaced with bolts. It affects the operation and will need to be refurbished.
  10. Here's the thing. Is it something that those of us with limited money and time, or limited restoration experience and only a home garage to work in can even consider? The advantage to frame-on seems to be that we can tackle the job one step at a time, and possibly even have a working car for a large part of the the process. But I'm learning as I go, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. This is a great thread. My car has more rust than I'd like, and I've got to do something about the underside as part of my body-on restoration. I'll be coming back to this thread for tips this winter. I'm a bit concerned about rust holes there and the vehicle inspection, I know those are a sure way to fail. Hopefully I can get everything cleaned and polished and plugged up this way though, and it's probably a good time to check out other potential problem areas down there. For relatively small rust holes is it worth considering swapping out floor pans, or is it a better bet to switch to steel
  12. Thanks! I'll try to get something up tomorrow.
  13. Hey! I guess I may as well introduce myself, I came by to ask a question, but I expect I'll be around here a lot over the next while. My name is Geoff when I'm not here, and I just picked up a 71 Buick lesabre that should be occupying the rest of my time and money for the next while. The car doesn't come close to some of the pictures I've seen here, but I'm proud and looking forward to getting it on the road.
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