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  1. JZRIV, I couldn't agree with you more. At his age they are downsizing and all of his "stuff" he thinks is gold. I told him the same thing. There is so many cars for sale at car shows now its ridiculous. I think half of them are just "testing" the market to see what they can get for their car. Thanks for your input. I will go by his house and take some pictures and see what happens. bsj
  2. Riveraman, I'm not looking to buy. I have a friend who has a 1983 20th Anniversary Rivera that he may be interesting to sell. He just asked me to look around on this forum for prices. He is 78, not good with computers. He bought this car brand new. It has 46,000. miles and has been garage kept and completely original. It runs and drives great. We went to a local car show a few months ago in it. bsj
  3. CarBuff2, Are you still interested in a 1983 Buick Rivera 20th Anniversary? bsj
  4. Mr. jpage, Could you send me a correct installation picture? I would like to know the correct way before I continue. I just follow directions. Your input would be greatly appreciated. bsj
  5. The rubber is installed like this. Sorry picture is not very clear. I have been cleaning rubber off of my Roadmaster all summer. It has got to be one of the most boring projects I have ever done. Wash rubber with soapy water and let dry. Use cleaner before I added 3M 8008 adhesive. Let get tacky then installed rubber. I took advice from this forum and installed small sections at a time and allowed to dry over night. I also used pieces of painters tape to hold rubber in place. The one door that I did complete turned out very nice. Good Luck Bsj
  6. JV and airbrushyguy, Thanks for the input on tips on installation. I will probably have more questions when I actually start here in the future. Thanks, bsj
  7. JV, Yes it was original rubber. It has melting over the past 30 years, so really don"t know what it looked like. The second photo is what i"m thinking also, but its going to take forvever to add adhesive and hold it in that postion till it dries. It's only on top. The rest of the door the rubber fits like it supposed to. Thanks for the information. bsj
  8. Gettign ready to install door rubber on my 1940 Roadmaster. I have removed old rubber the best I could. I got the door rubber from Steele. My question is what is the best way to install it? The pictures are not the best quality and I apologize, hopefully the point gets across. The driver side rubber fits ok, but the rear driver side the top is curved in a little which makes it difficult to install like the instructions suggests. Since this is the first time taking on a project like this any suggestions, criticism, thoughts would be very helpful. bsj
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