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  1. I am looking to have a couple of old Valve Covers hot tanked. I am having some trouble finding a company that will do this. Anybody know someone in Chester County or Lancaster County Pa. they could recommend? Dave
  2. Thanks Grog! Pictures are great. Any chance you could get a picture of the fuel pump and wiper vac lines? Thanks again Dave
  3. I am doing some resto on a 64 Rambler American with the 196 OHV Engine. I need some good pictures of a unrestored engine compartment. This car only has 24,000 miles but someone messed with the fuel pump and fuel line to carb so I dont know what the original set up looked like. Any help would be great. Thanks. Dave
  4. I am working on a 1964 Rambler American with the OHV 6 (196). Someone has rigged the fuel line with rubber tubing. I want to put it back to original but don't know what the carb to fuel pump line should look like so I can make one up. I would like to see a good picture of someones original set up. I also need to see how the vacuum wiper set up is done. Thanks in advance. Dave
  5. Thanks everyone for the help. The fuel tank was sent out to a shop that cleans and coats the interior and the fuel filter looks clean. I will try a few other things till I get it worked out.
  6. My son purchased a 1964 Rambler American with the 196 OHV engine. This is a nice little car with 27,000 miles on it. The problem is the car will not stay running. Someone had put new plugs, wires and coil on this car before he got it. The fuel pump was bypassed and a electric pump was added. Ran good for a while, but had a "stumble" during idle. Now will not stay running. My question is what is the best way to proceed to trouble shoot this problem. Dave
  7. Later this week I am headed to Dallas TX for a business event. I will be there for 5 Days and am wondering what there is to see that is old car related. Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance
  8. I purchased a 1957 PA Inspection sticker. I have a 1957 Dodge Royal and am not sure, does the sticker go on the Passenger side or Driver side for 57? Thanks in advance. Dave
  9. Last Fall I entered my 1957 Dodge Royal in the Hershey Meet. I entered this car in the HPOF class because it has 30,000 miles on it with original paint and interior. Eighteen months before the show I had a battery explosion under the hood. The acid damage was beyond distressing. I cleaned and painted the engine and firewall, plus one fender. I was told by the judges the car was "to nice" for HPOF (black car with beatuful factory paint) and should be in another class. My question to the more experienced folks out there is: Should I re-enter the car in HPOF again? I am not sure it is nice enough to compete in a restored class and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks P.S. rear bumper rechromed and radial wide whites installed.
  10. Great Project. I have owned this car since 1982, purchased from org. owner. Car is completly apart. Color is Lt. Blue with Blue/Wt Pony interior. Interior is all new. Car has V8 (new Ford), AT, PS, PB, Vinyl Roof, Luggage Rack, Visability Group, Factory 8 Track. Front clip is sandblasted, solid floors, light rust in rear quarters. To many projects. Located in Downingtown, Pa. $5500. OBO
  11. I have some donations for the AACA auction on Friday night. I am in the Exton, Pa area. If someone near me is driving and would like to pick this up at my business, please contact me at dralph@prodigy.net. Thank you
  12. I am looking for a 1961 Plymouth Fury 2 door hardtop. Car must be very nice original or mildly restored. Not looking for a project car. Must have no rust and V8. Will consider a 4 door hardtop if it is the right car. This was a car my family had when I was a kid. I remember driving out of the dealership in the front seat in 61 (Town Motors in Downingtown, Pa). Not looking for a high priced trailer queen, just a great driver. Thanks for your help. Dave
  13. I have just sent my registration card to AACA for the Fall Hershey Meet. I am a long time member and never had a car I thought worth showing. Eight years ago I inherited a great car from my father. This car has 33,000 miles on it and was all original. Two years ago the battery exploded in the engine bay and I sent it to a local shop for some light under the hood resto. When I had the car in the shop, I had the rear bumper replated and wide white radial tires installed. My question is, I entered it in the HPOF class and am not sure what to expect as far a judging goes. What should I do as far as prep goes before the show? At what point do you find out if the car was awarded anything? Thanks in advance for your help. I am looking forward to showing. Dave
  14. Everyone: Thank you for your help. I am still new to this forum and the Dodge I inherited from my father is the most valuable collector car I own. Many good points were made in the posts and I will take them to heart. Thank you all again. Dave
  15. Steve: Thank you very much for your input. I quess my appraisal thoughts are more about major damage or total loss on a insurance claim. I have never had a claim with my insurance company (American Collectors) but, have heard night- mare stories about collecting on insurance claims. Thanks again.