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  1. Hey thanks Jeff, for the info, any idea on what an original set of front and rear bumpers for the XK 140 be worth. The chrome looks to be in really good shape. I included a picture.
  2. I have a set of side curtains with 15 screws instead of 12 in the frame, can anyone tell me if 15 screws were used in the XK 140, and 12 screws in the XK 120. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Hey thanks for the info Dave
  4. The good news is the bumpers and side curtains are original...The bumpers are in nearly perfect condition.
  5. I do believe you are correct, I found a Utube video showing those same bumpers and windows, ANy idea what these would be worth?
  6. As part of a auction, in one of the boxes was two windows, front and rear bumpers, and the Cloth top. Any ideas what kind of car these are for? Thanks for the help.