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  1. 1967 Buick Skylark 4 door, light blue with white top, light blue interior, 340-2, 2-speed trans, 75xxx miles, runs and drives. Clear title. It does have the usually rust for how old it is, has rust in rocker panels, quarter panels, roof, etc. The drivers side quarter is bad/lower part rusted off and thus there is a hole in the trunk also. There are also some holes in the floor. It has its share of dents…in the quarter panel, bumpers, and hood. Please see the pictures. It had 2 new tires put on last year. Before I bought it, it got new dual exhaust put on with cut-outs. (you are able to remove a plate covering part of the exhaust and that will allow exhaust to exit before the muffler making it loud or you can keep them on and car is quieter). I have owned the car for about 4 years. I replaced the timing chain and all associated gaskets. It also has a brand new 4 core radiator in it. I just rebuilt the front drivers brake wheel cylinder and replaced the brake line that goes to it, I believe the owner before me had replaced the two rear brake lines (they look newer). It does have a small leak of transmission fluid I believe. The interior is in decent shape for the year. It has 3 or so smaller rips in the front seat and 2 or so in the back, also it is black and dry rotted (?) on the top of the rear seats. The carpet is in decent shape also. There is a quarter sized hole and water stains in the rear deck area. I installed an aftermarket radio (head unit) that plays CD’s, radio, and has a AUX input and I installed one speaker in the front and that is all it is hooked up to but it works good. I left the original radio in it. The car still has a left front brake problem. I do not know the cause. After driving 5 miles or so the brake will start to heat up and smoke. This is only happening to the front left one. The car drives fine otherwise. I would not recommend driving it more than 5 miles. Look over the pictures and please ask any questions or ask if u need any more pics. Thanks. $1100 OBO Car is located in Batavia IL.