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  1. For Sale: I'm told that this window regulator fits the right rear side of a 1936 to 1938 Hudson, and I would guess other model cars as well. The pivot points of the regulator ar 12" apart, if that helps you. I want $50.00 for it shipped to you anywhere in the 48 states. You may call me at 605 925-7577 or email me at rfbecker@gwtc.net.
  2. I have two window crank escutcheons of unknown origin. Maybe you need them? $10.00 brings them to your door! rfbecker@gwtc.net
  3. Brand new in unopened box Auto Flow #4714 muffler for a '54 - '64 Chevrolet and Pontiac. $49.00 brings it to your door! See the photos. rfbecker@gwtc.net
  4. I have a Carter BBR-2 carburetor that I believe would pass as a rebuild-able core. The throttle and choke flys work freely. The manifold diameter is 1 11/16" and the "in" side is 2 1/8". The mounting bolts are on 3" centers. $32.00 will deliver it to your address. rfbecker@gwtc.net
  5. I have an ash tray that is hinged and appears to be one that would be imbedded in a front-seat back. It has a screw on each side to secure it. Could come from a Chrysler, but don't know. $22.00 delivered anywhere in the lower 48. rfbecker@gwtc.net
  6. I have a rebuilt long body oil pump for a 239 cid Ford engine. It's complete with the pick-up tube and screen assembly. It has not been installed, so I do not know the performance. Price would be $85.00 including shiipping. Contact me at rfbecker@gwtc.net anytime.
  7. I have a small Alemite grease gun that probably belongs in your tool box. It's 7" long, closed, and the barrel is 1 1/4" in diameter. there are no dings in it and I think the plunger is in good enough shape to work. Price would be $20.00 including shipping. Contact me at rfbecker@gwtc.net
  8. I picked up this '28 Chevy National Coupe while I was painting a neighbor's barn. He asked what I'd do with it and when I told him that I expected to restore it he said, "just give me a ride". He had purchased it before he was married. He did get his ride! BUT there was no horn along with it. Can anyone tell me what would be the correct horn for it? In the second photo, it's on display in our local museum.
  9. I restored a '28 Chrysler Series 52 coupe and somehow acquired two of the roof moldings for the back side. It measures 52" long and a half inch wide with multiple nail holes in it. It's shown lying on the roof of the '28 in one photo. I want $20.00 for the molding plus $12.00 shipping or $32.00. Send me a check and I'll mail it to you!
  10. Mine did that once, and the steering wheel was about to fall off! (well not quite that bad) But the steering wheel nut was very loose. I tightened it up and the problem was gone.
  11. I've had this moulding hanging in the shop for a bunch of years. It doesn't fit anything that I've restored and don't even remember where I got it or what it is supposed to fit. It looks to be a roof moulding, but for what? Somebody might wonder where they can find one. It measures 1/2" wide and is 52" long from the outside curves and 6 1/2" standing level on the floor to the bottom of the moulding. What is it?
  12. Unruh

    No Spark

    points are insulated from each other and not making contact.
  13. Unruh

    Engine froze

    Be careful about poping the clutch at 20 mph! My Dad sold his Model A to some kids that did that to it and pulled the bottom out of a piston and damaged a lot of other stuff in there.
  14. Unruh

    steering gear

    I had a problem getting the correct length of horn rod in my '29.......until I found I had a '30 - '31 steering post in my '29'!
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