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  1. Mike, I just got done talking with Kelseys and explained my problem with the trunk handle. I have 3 trunk handles, two of which are short shafts, the third one, which, is the correct one is longer by about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. The other two don't work. Curt at Kelseys thinks I might have the wrong latch assembly on my coupe. I have to look into that yet. I appreciate your efforts, thanks for responding to my post. John
  2. I kinda thought that. Again, I am not sure. Thanks for your effort, Todd, I do appreciate it. Also, I am in need of the hardware that attaches the hood latch to the under side of the hood, I have the Indian latch but am without the hardware and I don't know what it looks like. I also need hood springs and lower brackets that mount lower to the cowl. Any help with that would be deeply appreciated. Thank you again for your effort. John.
  3. I am in need of a trunk handle, trunk support arms for a series 25 coupe. Would anyone out there know if the series 25 coupe is the same as the chevy coupe and would those support arms interchange? Any help out there with regard to my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  4. Parts needed: right trunk arm support--passenger side steering box I am in need of help on the hood springs. I don't know how the lower hood springs connect. I understand the upper spring connects to the hood hinge, but I do not understand where the lower spring connects to. Is it the same as a 1940 chevy coupe, or does it mount differently. If so, could someone let me know by email. Any help would be greatly appreciated. email: jvburl@hotmail.com
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