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  1. Please give me a call to discuss thanks
  2. 1965 Riviera Gran Sport for sale. Matching numbers car undergoing a body-on restoration. I estimate 80% complete. Solid western car that had no body rust or corrosion before restoration started. The car runs and drives. Here are some of the highlights of the restoration: - Engine rebuilt in 2010 and was completely checked over before restoration started. Plenty of power that would see the front nose lift when the dual 4 bbls kicked in. - Original Cater 4 bbl carbs rebuilt and re-calibrated. - New high efficiency radiator, GM A/C compressor, PS Pump, rebuilt original alternator, powe
  3. I bought the fiberglass repro form Clarks and had them cover it in the correct vinyl...nice. I can provide some pics soon. also...I have LOTS of correct BLACK vinyl for the early rivs. I bought of bunch extra and have a big roll if you need. The roll looks 5' wide and lots of feet long...let me know if you need some at a reduced price Carl
  4. all my GM guy backed out on the clamshell repair after he dropped one and got scared...drag. I have 5 clamshells that I can use to make one good pair...does anyone have resources for repairing these units? please advise thanks
  5. I replaced mine with the complete unit from CARS...it went together well with the only problem being my addition of Dynamat, then the pad, made for a tough go of installing the dash and related pieces. but its in now. I let it sit out in the sunshine and let it get really hot...it went in well as long as nothing else is in the way.
  6. front fenders are on and headed to the shop on Friday for alignment and hood install
  7. by the way, i initially bought a new one and compared it to my old one...it weighed about 1/3 of what the original one did. Considering was NO sediment in my original core that weight difference is a real statement of quality. Rebuild your parts...dont buy cheaper replacements if you can help it. Especially since some of the parts on your valuable RIV have date codes and GM part numbers on them.
  8. I had a local radiator shop rebuild both of mine.Flushed them, repaired a crack on the neck of my original and then pressure tested them. find a good used one...take it to a reputable rad shop and have them work it over. Since you asked originally i'm still trying to find my spare...maybe the wife sh*tcanned it...i throw her cooking magazines out when shes not looking and shes always looking for a way to get me back
  9. I had two rebuilt for my project 65 and still have one laying around if you're interested. in any event, find a used one and have it rebuilt...don't buy new
  10. thanks for the kind words on the project. i took the advice of others on this site, as well as the suggestions from Clarks, and had the fiberglass tray covered in the correct black vinyl while at their facility. With the help of my interior guy we popped a hole for the rear defroster and installed that. The fit and finish of the package tray REALLY stands out. I'd advise anyone to get this done. No real problems installing the tray AFTER you get over the idea of cutting a hole in the new tray and vinyl covering. The plastic components surrounding the dash, doors, seats and console wer
  11. eric thanks I once took a test drive in a 1974 Super Duty Trans Am down Ogden Avenue in front of Borg Pontiac. All I remember is tire smoke and the green and white DG police cruiser.
  12. Here are some pics of my 65 GS that is slowly coming together. I hope to have the front fenders and hood on by the end of the month and the bumpers and glass in soon as well. Final vacuum lines and A/C wiring needs to be done before the windshield goes in. Restored dash and passenger bolster was done by Just Dashes in Van Nuys and the rear package tray is a fiberglass unit that was covered in correct vinyl by Clark's.
  13. Hello All I have just completed the under-dash electrical/AC/Heater restoration and I have some left over or duplicate parts. Additional pics can be provided if you need. the pics show the following: - Dash pieces include original Gran Sport NON A/C glove box dash assembly, plastic access covers for underdash (fuse panel, etc) - A/C and Heater ducts. Most of mine were dried out with cracked tabs. I used a bunch of parts to get mine right and these are the decent ones. - vacuum actuators original used in working condition and a coolant valve. - 2 slide switches from the dash one is a tow
  14. ...a nice note from the nice lady at Waldron's... Hi Carl,<o:p></o <o:p></o I now have the individual pricing! Thanks for beingpatient! <o:p></o <o:p></o A set of the 1963-65 Buick Riviera tailpipe hangers isavailable for $65.00.<o:p></o <o:p></o Thank you very much for your support and have a fabulousday.<o:p></o <o:p></o Sincerely,<o:p></o Ruth <o:p></o wow...that's $32.50 per tailpipe hanger...that's steep!
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