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  1. That is a really great service! I have never seen a search site like that. I found a trans for my 96 nissan pu in Alabama. To far but I was supprised how well it worked. thanks for the heads up on the site. I will pass it on.
  2. JJust to let you know about our website http://theelectricaldepot.com We have been up and running since December of last year but did not really get off the ground until about April. Clint the store owner had a brick and mortar operation for a number of years and really knows his parts. We have wire, switches, battery cables and accesories, water proof heat shrink connectors and solder connectors, fuses, circuit breakers, relays, heatshrink tubing, Deutsch connectors, Weather pac connectors, Delpi connectors, 3m tape self fusing tape, wire covering and protection, wire marker and lables, t
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