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  1. Thanks for the tips there, I'll have to try that. I don't know how many volts the battery runs when the car is off, I'd have to measure it. What is it supposed to be?
  2. Ok guys thanks for the replies. As far as the RAP, the windows, mirrors, seats, basically anything that runs off electricity will work when the car is off and the door is closed, of course when I open the door that is not the case but I'm fairly sure thats how its supposed to be. Also I forgot to mention this in the original posting but when the dashboard and everything is working correctly, I get a notification in the diagnostic center that says "engine controls problem detected" and then it says something that it has encountered an electrical problem.
  3. Hi everybody, I am new to the forums and hopefully somebody can shed some light on my problems with my Reatta, which I LOVE by the way. My speedometer and most of my touch screen, just do not work most of the time. About 90% of the time, it just says "electrical problem" where my speed should be displayed. However even when the speedometer and the rest of my dashboard is out, my radio is still fully functional. I can not go to the "gages" "climate" or any other page, just my radio. But in the rare occasion that the dashboard works, everything works great! So anyway I hope somebody can help me, thanks! Tyler