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  1. Dave Inglis in Bend Oregon. He built a 425 motor for me in High School back in 1980. I just recently had him rebuild a 425 for my 64. PM me if you want details. Kraig
  2. Here are a couple of images of the 4 seasons switch Ed showed above. The switch is in the closed position. I used the original bracket with slight modification (bent it ). Cheers
  3. Hi Darren, Ed is correct. The negative ground on my former 65 and my current 64 are bolted to the rear of the power steering pump bracket. I have a ground strap from the engine to the firewall where your negative ground is. Kraig
  4. Hello Gents, I just finished cleaning up the trunk in my 64 and thought you might like a peek. The floor covering and the cardboard were in poor shape from the rear window leaking. This was a California car and the damage was minimal. I removed the rotten material and fixed a couple of pin hole rust spots then painted the trunk with POR15. I put my amp and sub where the spare tire used to go so needed to fabricate a tie down so the tire wasn't sliding around on high G turns. I finished the wood to match the deluxe interior and tie it all together. The emblem on the piece that hides the amp is from a 63 glove box, I used the rest of the box to fix my broken one. Cheers Kraig
  5. Hi Pete Did you turn the rheostat on the headlight switch? They could be dimmed. Turn it until the sail panel lights come on, the light would be at their brightest then.
  6. Hi Chris ive enjoyed watching your build. I bought a package tray from lee for my 64. I ended up using a die grinder to clean up where the speaker grill fits. I also reinforced the rear curve to get the correct arc. There are 3 screws holding it in. None at the speaker grill. Look at\photos\vwsyncro there is a set titled riviera that shows the tray without vinyl. Cheers
  7. I've dropped mine 3 inches with springs from coil spring spec. No issues so far, tracks great, no excessive tire wear, might scrape a bit on speed bumps, driveways, beer cans, etc. Looks good and drives fine.
  8. Hello, The door is asymmetrical. The side closest to the passenger door is skinnier than the inboard side. The hinge mounting on mine was broken and cracked so the door wouldn't close properly. I used JB weld to fabricate the missing bits. If you want it to look right just make sure it has the same gap left and right with the bottom trim. Kraig
  9. Hi All I am in need of one more rally wheel. Driver quality is fine. I have attached a couple of pics of the wheel I am trying to match. I believe this is off of a 66. Side profile indicates it is off of a drum brake car. Anyone want to get rid of a single? PM me if you have anything for sale. I am in Eugene Or if you want to calculate shipping into the cost. Thanks Kraig
  10. Hello Gents, The yellow indicator is used to set what speed the buzzer goes off. One wouldn't want to get going to fast and not know it. As soon as the speedometer needle passes the indicator an anemic buzz starts. Both my 65 and 64 are equipped with it. I assumed it was standard equipment. Neither has/had cruise control. Cheers Kraig
  11. Hello Buick Scholars, I'm having a bit of a troubleshooting problem. I have a 1964 Riviera, fresh engine rebuild, fresh distributor rebuild, carb refreshed. I can start it cold and it starts right up. Warm it up, take it for a spin and it performs flawlessly. Let off of the throttle and it dies.... and won't restart. Unless you put twelve volts to the coil from the battery or alt. doesn't matter. I'm running a new pertronix coil and ignition. Unfortunately I don't have the original coil to test. What do you think I should do next? Thanks Kraig
  12. Hi Glenn, The pump I ordered from amazon was this. [h=3]Trico 11-100 Windshield Washer Pump $<13.00[/h]I used one of the screw holes for the original pump and wired it to connectors for the original pump. Because it is behind the hood hinge you can't see it and it looks stock. Works great. The included T allows you to use the original plumbing for the Washer Bottle and jets. [h=3][/h]
  13. Hi Glenn, My washer pump was broken as well. I tried to rebuild it but the diaphragm was hard and it still didn't pump. I ended up with an aftermarket electric pump from amazon. Mounted it next to the original one behind the hood hinge. Works great! shot wiper fluid over the windshield... Not stock but works with stock switch. I can share a couple of pics and details. If u are interested. Cheers Kraig
  14. Hello, Coil spring specialties supplies Jamco. I went with a three in drop. Little low with the wheels and tires but I like the look and it doesn't bother me that it scrapes here and there. Here are a couple of other threads for your reading enjoyment. IF you want to look at my project ;-) Cheers Kraig
  15. HiThe rear package tray is made of molded cardboard covered with vinyl. My rear window leaked and ruined the package tray. I bought a fiberglass one from Lee Sulis (gent in the back of the Riview). It fit pretty well. Click the link if you want to see what it looks like. Cheers Kraig
  16. Brother, that makes me sad. Like craigslist dogs I just want to save them all.......
  17. Old air products has them. 23-0905 is the part number. $36 bucks. I used them on my 64. Cheers Kraig
  18. Hi Mikel, Here are a couple of pictures of the engine bay of my 64 with the Aluminium Valve Covers from CARS. They fit well and were just what I was looking for. Cheers Kraig
  19. Coil Spring Specialties the springs for Jamco.
  20. Bummer I had to repair mine as well. I found the parts on eBay. I did a quick search and found The aluminum is glued on. A heat gun will loosen it right up. I reattached mine with contact cement. good luck kraig
  21. Nicely done so far. I guess I need to send you the paint. Don't forget to check the wiper motor and pump for the washer. Good luck brother! Get er done