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  1. HiThe rear package tray is made of molded cardboard covered with vinyl. My rear window leaked and ruined the package tray. I bought a fiberglass one from Lee Sulis (gent in the back of the Riview). It fit pretty well. Click the link if you want to see what it looks like. Cheers Kraig
  2. I do have a 64 do there will be some differences but free is a good price. Kraig
  3. I am installing a wood trim kit from Cars. I could trace the inserts for you if you like. I am still waiting for the door material but it will be here by the end of next week. PMail me your address and I will send you a traced pattern when it is all here. Kraig
  4. 49 with a 64. I wanted to drive something as old as me. Currently rebuilding engine, refreshing the trans, making sure everything works, dropping in a posi. Next year repainting it back to marlin blue.
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